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New Batgirl Set Photo Reveals The New Robin of DCEU (Keaton’s Robin!)

The status of Batman in the DC Extended Universe is one of the major topics of discussion over the years. Recent updates have allowed us to know that there are some rather interesting details regarding the caped crusader under development. DC is actually set to have an exciting year with the character as we are going to get the Batman film with Robert Pattinson taking on the role. But at the same time, we will be seeing two other Batmans in The Flash. It will have an awesome Batman-Flash narrative taken from the Flashpoint Paradox comics. But another exciting character is also set to make a debut next to Batman based on some recently leaked details. It seems that the new Robin of DCEU will arrive next to Keaton’s Batman. At least that’s what the recently leaked details from HBO Max’s Batgirl suggest.


Fans of the DC comics will see some of the most interesting exciting projects come to life in their own solo projects in the upcoming years. Amongst these projects is the upcoming Batgirl film which will see Leslie Grace take on the titular character. Not only that, the movie is going to see Michael Keaton appear as Batman following the news that he will be reprising his role as the caped crusader in The Flash. This actually led to some interesting theories regarding the status of Batman in the DCEU as fans are wondering if Keaton will replace Batfleck following Ben Affleck retiring from the role.


Even though Batman might be the center of attention for most Batman fans, an interesting role right next to him is that of the boy wonder Robin. Michael Keaton’s Batman movies were supposed to feature Robin as Tim Burton had his own plans for the character. But before he could direct his own third film in the Batman series, he was removed from the helm and it landed on Joel Schumacher. This allowed us to see Robin with Chris O’Donnell taking on the role for the two films that Schumacher helmed. DCEU’s Robin’s fate was teased in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. But it seems we will get to see another turn on the role with some newly leaked details that tease about the character’s status.


Robin Seen On The Sets Of Batgirl

A new photo taken by PA Wire’s Andrew Milligan revealed some exciting details from the upcoming Batgirl film. The photo consists of a mural of Batman from the Glasgow set of the movie. One can clearly see a painting of Michael Keaton’s Batman with Robin standing next to him. Keaton’s Batman seems to be wearing a new rendition of the suit. There’s no clarity regarding if the Robin is Dick Grayson or Tim Drake or any other Gotham resident. Neither are there any details regarding such a character being a part of the movie because there hasn’t been any casting for the character as of now.


This might mean that we will get to see a Robin from the Michael Keaton universe of Batman. Batman and Batman Returns are considered two of the most essential narratives of Batman as they helped give more depth to the live-action adaptations of the character. With a wide range of the characters already being a part of Gotham in those movies, fans expected to see a version of Robin also making his debut. Tim Burton actually ended up casting Marlon Wayans for the role of Batman in what he was considering to be the third film in his series. But the studio wasn’t happy with Batman Returns and this actually led to them removing Burton from the helm of the project.

Fun fact, even though Marlon Wayans’ Robin never came to fruition the actor still got played for the role due to the contract.


It seems that now, we will get to see a narrative for Robin in the Michael Keaton Batman universe based on these leaks. This could be a rather awesome move from the creators in order to fill the arc of Gotham in the period from 1992 to the present day. There is a lot that has not been told about the Robin in the DCEU either except for the detail that Dick Grayson is dead. The upcoming movie will also see Brendan Fraser as Firefly, and J.K. Simmons as Commissioner Gordon.


Batgirl will be released in 2023 on HBO Max.

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