7 Best Moments And Easter Eggs From Game of Thrones S7 Ep1

Alright, folks! Game of Thrones is here and the first episode was not awesome, but neither bad. A great start to the season setting the base for the fire to burn. *Contains Spoilers *

Arya’ Sass

The Game of Thrones episode began with Arya pulling off a great reverse Red Wedding, making the Frey pay for what they did to the Starks and boy, “The North Remembers”,  later she can be seen going South to cross Cersei off her list. This is also the time where we see Ed Sheeran’s cameo, he probably is going to die at the hands of Arya along with the rest of the soldiers.

Bran Reaches The Wall

Next off is the storyline where we can see the storm coming ahead of the Whitewalkers too. It was great to get to see the Night’s King and Giant Whites in the first few minutes of the episode of Game of Thrones itself. Also, we got to see Bran and Meera, who’ve reached the Wall and would be united with Sansa and Jon in the next few episodes.

Jon & Sansa Lead The North

Jon and Sansa could be seen leading the North. Though their views don’t match, the two actually complete each other. While Jon is concerned about the fight to the North, Sansa is concerned about Cersei. The two also differ on what to do with the Umbers and the Karstarks, could their differences grow to be fatal for Jon? We shall see

Lannisters and Greyjoys

While Cersei could be seen talking about defeating all her enemies in a grand egotistical way, Jaime was totally in his senses and showed how great a strategist he actually is. Be it talking about the entire map of Westeros being fed to him by his father or him being the logical one talking about them not having enough food to feed their army. Later too he could be seen not really liking the idea of the Lannisters allying with Euron Greyjoy, who has it in his mind the idea to marry Cersei and become the king. Also, we have to mention the savage burn that Euron gives Jaime.

Samwell At The Citadel

Sam can be seen serving shit to people, cleaning their shit, maintaining the library and weighing body parts while getting a history lesson from the Arch-master about how the Wall has stood through every winter, no matter how grave the times were. He could also be seen reading the books talking about the location of a mountain of Dragonglass. Also, we saw the picture of ‘the Cats’s-paw’s Dagger’ that Arya can be seen having in the images revealed. This currently belongs to little-finger, so how does it get to her? He’s dead for sure. Also, we get a glimpse of Ser Jorah who has his arm covered with Grayscale. Yeah, he still was asking about Dany.

Hound- A Believer?

Game of Thrones

Could we have seen the Hound being transformed into a believer? Be it the way he tries to remember the words when he’s burring the body, or when he sees into the fire. All this while fighting what he truly is, this could be him turning a new page. Also, the dead bodies that he sees are the people that once gave him and Arya shelter.

Daenerys Returns To Dragonstone

This sure had to be on the list. At last, after so many reasons Dany and her squad return to Dragonstone. Where she can see touching the impressions of Dragons like she’s trying to communicate with her land. And of course in the end, “Shall we begin?”

Did You Know?

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