5 Amazing Scenes in Terrible Movies

Nobody wants to produce a bad movie, but it does happen time to time. Still, these movies are made by professional. Some of the scenes are so great in terms of character and story development that it makes us wonder. Here are 5 Amazing Scenes in Terrible Movies.

1) Attack of the Clones


Attack of the Clones was criticized for everything from the production design to characterization, but they still manage to have some great scenes. One of them is when Anakin embarks on a personal mission to save his mother from the captivity of the Tusken Raiders. he watches in horror as Shmi dies in his arms.

2) Superman Returns


Bryan Singer’s soft remake of the old Superman franchise was very much criticized for being dull and uninteresting. The movie’s one of the most interesting scenes is when a plane malfunction after a power failure, the scene announced Superman’s return in the film.

3) X-Men: The Last Stand


X-Men: The Last Stand didn’t stand up to the expectations of the audiences. Conveying the series themes of mutant inclusion and prejudice, it shows the lengths someone with beautiful gifts – like angel’s wings – would go just so they could fit in. It instantly makes the mutant plight sympathetic and sets up the mutant cure storyline.

4) Die Another day


A standout sequence is when Bond engages in a high-stakes fencing duel with Graves. Expertly choreographed and done practically the scene was so great because of how real it felt.

5) The Matrix Reloaded


The first Matrix sequel was too heady and philosophical. One of the most memorable set piece in the movie is the 14-minute highway chase, notably because for the amount of effort that went into it. The Wachowskis actually built a freeway to use specifically for the scene and injected the action bits with the classical Matrix twist.

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