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Here Are Marvel’s 10 Most Idiotic Mistakes With Spider-Man

Spider-Man is definitely the most popular hero that Marvel has given us. The character has become a part of our lives for various reasons and it continues to be one of the most favorite comic book characters we have seen. But just like any other character, there have been various storylines that we wish Spider-Man wasn’t a part of. Even though these might not be very memorable, they do bring back absolutely bizarre indications about the character of Spider-Man. One of the clear ideas about them being bad choices for the story is the fact that they have never been brought up again as a part of the story. Let’s take a look at some of the greatest mistakes with Spider-Man that were a part of Marvel comics to this date.

Marvel’s Biggest Mistakes with Spider-Man

1. Making Him Join Team Iron Man

Peter has made some terrible choices over the years in his arc in Marvel Comics. One of the worst decisions amongst these ended up affecting him in a rather terrible manner when he joined Iron Man‘s side in Civil War. This follows with him revealing his identity to the world and that only brings the worst of the circumstances to him. It does not make any sense to see Peter join Stark’s side considering his secret identity is one of the most essential things about his character. The most direct consequence of this revelation was actually the death of Aunt May.


2. Bringing Together Three Different Titles

There was a time when Marvel started multiple narratives for Spider-Man in different titles. This was mostly because they were trying to invest in the huge popularity of the character and the increased demand for him. But the main issue came when suddenly these narratives were connected and this made each one an essential read for the fans of the character. Even though that is not the case for the comics now, it could actually make for a rather problematic ordeal for the fans to follow up. This is actually quite similar to the case of Batman in the DC comics.


3. The Sins Past Arc

Mistakes With Spider-Man

The Sins Past arc is actually something that is very much contradicted by the fans. This narrative following the death of Gwen Stacy actually affected the character of Stacey herself. Fans were left wondering about the reputation of the character but Marvel begged to differ. The narrative reveals that Gwen had an affair with Norman Osborn and had two children. This was the actual reason for her death. Fans absolutely hated this narrative and they surely didn’t expect Marvel to take things in such a manner. This complication following her death only lead to a plot that could have been completely allowed.


4. The Sins Remembered Narrative

It’s as if Sins Past wasn’t enough, Marvel continued this narrative with Sins Remembered. Here we see the offsprings of Norman Osborn and Gwen Stacy have some impact due to Norman Osborn’s genetic enhancement. We see that these twins end up aging very rapidly. Not only that, they are tricked into believing that Spider-Man actually killed their mother and attempted to avenge her. One of the worst possible narratives see the daughter, Sarah falling for Peter and he tries to kiss her. This is one of the most forgettable additions to the arcs of Spider-Man and it’s better it remains so.


5. Changing Spider-Man’s Origin Story

Fans might have a hard time believing this but Marvel actually tried to change the origin story that Steve Ditko and Stan Lee had for Spider-Man. Marvel actually considered making a move by bringing in John Byrne and getting him to write a whole new tale for the character. This was not very much preferred as it tried to bring in multiple characters together at the same time. Not only that the comics actually ended up avoiding some of the interesting stories that Spider-Man has had in the past comics.


6. Making Him Rich

One of the most essential parts of Peter Parker’s character is the fact that it is relatable. Fans would explore a chance to see this character go through various things that teenagers face while being a superhero at the same time. There was a narrative where Spider-Man was made super-rich and this actually made him rather unrelatable. If focused closely, fans felt as if he was being more of Tony Stark ripoff instead of the teen we knew. The concept of changing the relatable teenager to a millionaire genius actually doesn’t make any sense at all.


7. Annulling Peter & MJ’s Marriage

Mistakes With Spider-Man

One of the most popular narratives in the past few days from the pages of Spider-Man has been the one involving Mephisto. This narrative is somewhat similar to the Spider-Man: No Way Home narrative but here Peter has different demands. Peter demands to have his Aunt May back but this requires him to lose his marriage with Mary Jane. There have been other cases where we have seen characters annulling their marriage but there hasn’t been an issue with that. Bringing in a rather supernatural element just for the sake of the marriage to be annulled is what caused fans to be angered. Not only did it end his marriage, but it was also putting at stake the future of his daughter.


8. Bringing Aunt May Back

The annulling of the marriage of Peter and Mary Jane was not the only bit that felt meaningless. Bringing Aunt May back again felt like a move that was not actually required. There have been various circumstances where the character has undergone near-death circumstances. Her death prior to this narrative felt like a final resting moment for the character and it was considered an ending she deserved. But bringing her back actually took away everything that was considered essential with the rather emotional and dramatic ending that she had. Marvel even failed to make her very much important following her return in the comics.


9. Not Letting Ben Reilly Take Spider-Man Mantle

The Clone Saga was a rather exciting narrative when it was brought into the pages of Marvel Comics. But the narrative actually failed to make an impression based on the hype that it had made. The initial idea for this narrative was the idea of having Peter retire from his Spider-Man title and letting Ben Reilly take over from him. This would have actually been rather impressive considering we would have had our teenage Spider-Man again. Peter would have settled peacefully following his marriage with Mary Jane. But this was not the case and this turned out to be a disappointing part of this narrative. Fans still consider that Scarlet Spider has a better costume in comparison to Spider-Man.


10. Bringing His Parents Back From The Dead

Almost every superhero that we have witnessed over the years has had an interesting take on the aspect of them being an orphan. This actually ends up playing a rather essential part of their background and story. Spider-Man actually brought in a rather bizarre narrative with his parents being brought back to life. But later it turns out that they were just some villain-controlled LMD’s who had retained the memories of Peter’s true parents. This was one of the most idiotic moves made by Marvel comics.

So these were the biggest mistakes with Spider-Man that we’ve seen in the books. Which of them was the worst according to you?

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