6 Villains From Iron Man Comics We Want To See Next In Armor Wars

Armor Wars is one of the many shows in MCU’s line-up for Disney+ we can’t wait to see. This is an important series for those who love Colonel James Rhoades from the Iron Man comics. Just like most of the other MCU projects, the creative writers have managed to keep everything under wraps. With almost no leaks from insiders, everything about the series is open to interpretation. As we eagerly wait for Armor Wars to premiere on Disney+, here is our take on 6 villains from Iron Man comics who we think should be the big bad of the show.


Though we can’t bring the OG Crimson Dynamo in the MCU, taking into account the fact that he was Anton Vanko, father of Ivan Vanko, the Whiplash. Also, considering Ivan’s age in the MCU, his father is, quite possibly, dead. Anton Vanko may be a wasted opportunity in MCU because, in the comics, he was a pretty badass villain. Originally originating from Russia, he found his way into Stark Industries. Feeling wronged by Tony Stark, he later started working on his Crimson Dynamo suit. However, it is too late to pick up this pick storyline in the MCU. But the show creators can still bring this suit into the mix via other wearers of the suit, namely Yuri Petrovich and Boris Turgenov.



Villains from Iron Man comics

Justin Hammer has been a recurring villain in Iron Man and the Armor Wars comics. He also played a huge part in the Armor Wars by creating the Firepower armor. He has only appeared once in the MCU, and that too, as a secondary villain. So, it just seems fitting that Armor Wars feature him as the main villain, allowing Sam Rockwell to play the character to its full potential. He could come back into the MCU mix by being revealed as the supplier of high-tech weapons to the Power Broker. It could be ‘Hammer all along’.



By far, Jeff Bridges’ Obadiah Stane has been the fiercest Iron Man villain. So, it seems fitting that the developers now bring his story back to a circle, by introducing the viewers to his long-lost son Zeke. In the comics, however, only Zeke’s passion could belittle Obadiah’s. Ever since he was a child, he dreamt of avenging his father’s death, and this obsession made him into a maniac. While people were wearing high-tech suits, Zeke turned his own body into an armor. Making such a character the big bad in the upcoming show can be game-changing for its outcome.



Stilt-Man has always been one of the funniest Iron Man villains in Marvel comics lore. This could possibly be the lamest comic book villain but still a fan-favorite. Stilt Man’s ability was quite funny. He could extend his legs to great lengths, thanks to a piece of Stark tech he stole. Additionally, he has appeared in the Armor Wars comics, so his appearance can be a direct nod to the comics. Bringing this villain on the show can bring comic relief to the plot.



Villains from Iron Man comics

Ever since Sharon Carter outed herself as the Power Broker of the MCU, fans have been excited to explore her dark past. She has not made an appearance since the post-credits scene of tFatWS, and Armor Wars could be the perfect platform for her next appearance. It is quite clear that Armor Wars will be about tech and intelligence, and Power Broker will be the first in line to acquire those and sell them in black markets. This could be the big reveal on her operations fans want to see.



Titanium Man has been the big bad in the comics version of Armor Wars. So it only seems fitting that he is the big bad of the show, as well. Titanium Man is a crown, worn by many individuals over its comic book run, but the OG Boris Bullski is still the fan favorite. He has faced Iron Man on many occasions but still never got old. And Titanium Man is one of those villains that need to appear on this series, or at least be teased for the future.

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