Moon Knight Ep 4 Teases the First Being Who Wished to Rebalance The World Before Thanos

Moon Knight Episode 4 delved deep into the Egyptian lore as Marc and Steven tried to stop Arthur Harrow. And it hints at a very small yet interesting detail that explains a lot about Thanos. Ep 4’s mention of the Heka-priests hints at the first being who wished to rebalance the world before Thanos. To find more about this, keep up with the post.

Disney+’s Moon Knight follows Marc Spector, the Avatar of the Moon-god Khonshu, as he fights injustice and tries to stop Arthur Harrow from releasing Ammit onto the world. Along the way, he has to struggle with his alternate identities, courtesy of Dissociative Identity Disorder. The show’s latest episode follows Marc and Steven(his alternate identity who excels in Egyptian mythology), as they wander into a cave to find Ammit’s ushabti and stop Harrow from raising her. As Marc and Steven tried to find her ushabti, they come to know about her last Avatar. Ammit’s ushabti was hidden with her last Avatar, which surprisingly, turned out to be Alexander the Great. (Love it when Marvel does that!) And as they wandered at Mr Great’s tomb, they come to find out the beings who are guarding the tomb. The tomb was guarded by Heka priests, which seemed pretty normal in the show, but only comic book fans know about their history. And their presence in the MCU puts up a big question-



The comics’ Thanos is a genocidal maniac and has tried to kill trillions to impress his Mistress Death. But MCU adopted a more sane Thanos who wanted to rebalance the world. He wanted to kill exactly half of the entire living beings across the universe to restore balance. But what if we tell you that he was not the first being to walk this path? In the comics, there was another character who wanted to accomplish the same thing as Thanos, but never could. And Moon Knight may just have subtly hinted at that.


Heka-Nut was one of the Heka priests, whom Moon Knight is calling as the sorcerers of that time. He worked alongside four primal Gods and knew a lot about the universe. And he set out to rebalance the world as well. But, unlike Thanos, he chose a very different path by not going after the Infinity Stones, but the Cornerstones of Creations. The Cornerstones consisted of the Ebon Rose, the Darkhold, the Serpent Crown, and the Sword of Bone. And again, unlike Thanos, he could never unite these Cornerstones. While he was successful in obtaining the first three of them, he failed to wield the Sword of Bone because it required a pure mind.


The first being who wished to rebalance the world

He was not the one to give up. He tried to get his hands on the Sword for 500 long years, only to fail. And he died, betrayed by the very people whom he tasked to summon the sword. It’s like Thanos dying at the hands of the Black Order. Bu still, having such an important task in mind isn’t easy. And what if Heka-Nut was Thanos’ inspiration. But this is, of course, a reach as we don’t even know that Heka-Nut’s tale is even MCU canon.



At this point, it’s too early to say anything on this question.MCU’s Thanos seemed to have very rigid morals, and nobody, even his daughter’s death from his own hands, could deviate him from his path. So, it brings into question his inspiration. And announcing Heka-Nut as his inspiration will be an interesting way to call back the fallen villain and the being who inspired him. And in a world, where people still think that Thanos was right, this revelation can be the bridge between Moon Knight and the events of Moon Knight.


Don’t think for one second that we forgot to mention the Darkhold as one of the Cornerstones. Darkhold, at this time, is one of the most mysterious items in the entire MCU, and its origin and history have been troubling MCU fans out of their sleep. While WandaVision attempted to explain the book, it barely scratched the surface. And by what we guess, doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness will go into the book’s history with full details. But this doesn’t mean that it cant be name-dropped in Moon Knight. But now that the next episode will not be anywhere near the Hekas.


Did you know about the first being who wished to rebalance the world before Thanos? Or is this something new to you? Though let us know your thoughts down in the comments.

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