5 Times Fans Came Up With Endings Better Than MCU Movies

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has a lot of brilliant movies but it also has some terrible ones. We usually love what the writers have in store for us but sometimes they fall short of delivering proper resolution to stories. Take Infinity War, for example, that movie had a perfect ending, one that will ensure that the MCU rides on its coattails for the next decade. However, movies like Eternals, while epic in scale, still disappointed us with their endings. Yet fan theories never disappoint. Here are 5 times fans came up with endings better than MCU movies.

Captain America in Endgame

Avengers Endgame created quite the fiasco among the fandom because of its controversial choices with Captain America. Although the movie gave Steve a happy life as opposed to life with further battle, the fans came up with much better endings. Some fans theorized that the Cap could have brought Peggy back with him into the future.


Others opined that Captain America should have remained youthful even after all those years living with Peggy so he could continue to be a part of the Avengers. But the best theory comes from Reddit where the fans asked for a son of Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter who would have the same powers as his father. Someone who could take over the mantle of Captain America after being groomed by Steve Rogers all his life.


Iron Man 3 – The Real Mandarin

Iron Man 3 will forever remain infamous for leading on fans. The entire fandom believed that Trevor Slattery would be the real Mandarin but when they saw the movie they were severely disappointed. For an entire year, during the promotion of the film, we got all kinds of different marketing aimed at making us believe that magic was finally coming to the MCU.

But this was not the case in the final film and has been a source of gripe for many fans. Some of them theorized that maybe the movie could have redeemed itself by revealing the real Mandarin in a post-credits scene. This is one of those theories that did come true but in a one-shot by Marvel called All Hail The King.


Eternals – Let The Devil Out

Endings better than MCU movies

Eternals is a different kind of MCU movie. Chile Zhao took it upon herself to not only introduce 10 new superheroes to the MCU but also weave a complex narrative around them that spanned millions of years all in one movie. Understandably, the movie was a little clustered and ended up disappointing the typical MCU fan. Fans theorized that the movie could have been much better if only the ending was tweaked a little bit.


For starters, we would have loved to see the Celestial Tiamut in all of his glory. Just teasing him coming out of the Earth was not enough and killing him in the crib made the third act of the film lose steam faster than a steam cooker when you open its lid before the meal is ready. Then there is the whole ‘killing your strongest character problem’. All in all the movie could have really used a better climactic battle.


Age of Ultron – Ultron Is Alive

Marvel introduced Ultron to the MCU in hopes of giving Avengers a viable villain to fight before the final phase of the Infinity Saga kicked into full throttle. However, there was a big issue with this movie. You see, the real threat of Ultron in the comics is that he is not a villain that can be defeated with brute force. Ultron has a nasty habit of coming back. He is relentless and that is what makes him dangerous.


But Age of Ultron kills the last Ultron bot discounting the intellect of the villain. In all honesty, the fandom thinks that the movie could have worked better if Ultron was allowed to live and there was a possibility of the villain coming back even stronger at some point. This would also make for interesting dynamics upon the android’s eventual return and give the Avengers ammunition to use against Tony at any given point. But the studios decided against it.

Thor: The Dark World

Probably one of the most disappointing movies of the MCU for the fans. Thor The Dark World starts off strong with the introduction of Aether and Malekith, the dark elf. The movie even has a strong second act with the invasion of Asgard. But thy the time the climactic battle rolls around, the story suddenly loses all momentum.


Endings better than MCU movies

The most disappointing part is how Malekith and his minions were defeated. Fans wanted to see a reality-altering battle, they theorized that the reality stone could have been used to hop dimensions and not just planets. The filmmakers kind of squandered a great opportunity here. Then they made it worse by killing off the main villain as if he were a bug.

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