10 Most Horrible Things Doctor Strange Has Done

It would not be an over-exaggeration if I were to say that Dr. Strange is the strongest character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as of now. The Sorcerer Supreme can do things that we can only dream of, so we are glad that he is on the side of good and has not become evil. But the Marvel comic multiverse is large and Dr. Strange has made some questionable choices over the years. So we scoured the comics to bring you the 10 most horrible things Doctor Strange has done to this date. Take a look and let us know if we missed any.

Battleworld Vizir

One of the most hounding arcs of modern Marvel comics was when Dr. Doom took the powers of Beyonder and used them to reshape reality in his own image. He broke the multiverse apart and rejoined it in this shape of the Battleworld. In this battleworld, he was God and his word was law. But the most surprising part of this story was the fact that Dr. Strange was his Vizir. The sorcerer supreme acted as God Doom’s most trusted advisor, which upset a lot of heroes and fans alike.


The Cruel Jailor

Strange is charged with the responsibility of protecting this world from any and all supernatural threats. it is his job to maintain peace in our realm and protect it from otherworldly invaders. This includes fighting malevolent spirits like demons and ancient wrathful Gods. However, Strange is not omnipotent, and not every spirit can be permanently killed or banished. in fact, some can only be caged inside a living vessel. So on occasion, Strange will put these spirits inside the head of irredeemable murderers sp that the spirit and the criminal torture each other until the end of their existence.


He Made Loki Sorcerer Supreme

Horrible things Doctor Strange has done

In an absurd turn of events, The Sorcerer Supreme title was once passed onto Loki, the God of mischief, by Dr. Strange. The entire hero community exploded with surprise and many heroes voiced their concerns. But Strange was determined to retire and assured the heroes that Loki was more than capable to handle the work. Eventually, and predictably, it was revealed that Loki had tricked Strange with his dark magic at which point the Good Doctor beat the God of Mischief back and resumed his responsibilities.


He Upset Stan Lee

In one of the more surreal Dr. Strange stories, the Sorcerer Supreme fought with a space wizard called “Sise-Neg”. This character was supposed to be a stand-in for God and this idea upset Stan Lee because he thought that the religious readers would be furious. However, after the comic was published Marvel received a letter from a priest saying that the character was a great idea and that they should continue with it. This made the situation a little better even though the letter was secretly sent by a Marvel artist.


Marvel Got Sued Because Of Him

In Doctor Strange Sorcerer Supreme #15, Strange is visited by an ex-girlfriend by the name of Morgana Blessing. This character was clearly based on the singer Amy Grant as was evident by the cover image of the original comic. This was incredibly upsetting to Grant as she thought of magic as witchcraft and it stood against her orthodox Christian beliefs. The singer sued Marvel and tried to get the comic banned but the case was done away with in an out-of-court settlement.


He Turned His Brother Into A Vampire

Stephen and his brother Victor fell out of sorts when their mother and father passed away. Stephen’s determination to not visit them in their final moments further widened the gap between the brothers. So when Victor met with an accident Stephen cryogenically froze him hoping he could save him in the future. He tried to resurrect his brother by using a spell from the Book of Vishanti but accidentally changed him into a Vampire. This was probably one of the stupidest things he had ever done.


He Used Forbidden Magic To Fight The Hulk

There was a time when Hulk was enraged and running rampant on earth. He had beaten everyone including the Fantastic Four, The Avengers, and the X-Men. At this point, Strange decided to let a very powerful demon by the name of Zom possess him. He tried his best but even this power was not enough to stop the Hulk. However, Strange was fired from the Sorcerer Supreme for using forbidden magic.


Destroying Many Universes

Horrible things Doctor Strange has done

There was a time when Captain America was part of the Illuminati along with Strange and Captain America. During this time the Illuminati learned that there were universes on a collision course with their own. So Captain America used the infinity gauntlet to destroy one of these universes but refused to go any further. However, Strange chose to remove Captain America’s memory of the Illuminati and decided to eradicate all of these other universes to ensure that this one would survive, just like a supervillain.


He Banished Journalists To A Terror Dimension Because They Pissed Him off

Once upon a time, some journalists called Strange a fraud so the magician decided to let them play with an ancient idol that banished them to a universe that was ruled by an ancient villain by the name of Tiboro. The journalists were soon locked in the dungeon of the Warlock from where they were rescued by Strange. This would have been fine if Strange taught them a lesson, but he wiped their memory afterward which makes the entire event pointless.


He Taught Doctor Doom

Doctor Strange once found himself in debt to Doctor Doom which he repaid by teaching the tyrant ways of sorcery. He even taught Viktor how to open a portal to hell which ended up backfiring on the heroes as the Doctor trapped Franklin Richards in hell in the future. The only person responsible for this was Doctor Strange who made an already powerful villain, almost unbeatable.

So these were the most horrible things Doctor Strange has done.

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