10 Most Disappointing Action Movies of 2021

There was a lot of excitement for 2021 following the delays that various projects had seen in 2020 regarding their releases. This allowed for fans to get some of the most exciting projects released this year that included major franchises making a return. The year saw some of the biggest projects as fans finally started going back to the cinema halls to see the return of the magic of the cinema. But amongst these awesome cinematic ventures were projects that were really underwhelming and failed to live up to the expectations of the audience. Let’s take a look at 10 disappointing action movies of 2021.

Red Notice

There was a lot of excitement regarding this project considering the movie had some of the biggest stars teaming together for an action project. Seeing Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds, and Gal Gadot come together might have helped with the marketing for the film as it broke records as the most-watched film on Netflix. But the movie was still a terrible venture and it is surprising how it managed to get this many views. With an absurd plot that is too much invested in getting each of the stars to deliver a fun line, the movie is one of the absolute worsts from the streaming service.


Army of the Dead

Zack Snyder returned to the zombie movies with the Netflix-produced venture Army of the Dead. The movie had a strong cast and it had some rather exciting action set pieces with a very interesting plot. But the movie ended up being too much focused on itself and it was another attempt by Snyder to create a cinematic universe as he managed to create some bizarre plot holes. The prequel to the movie also followed pretty soon and it also managed to be a disappointment for the audience with a plot that does not even want to take itself seriously.


Mortal Kombat

Disappointing Action Movies of 2021

The fans of the Mortal Kombat games were very much excited when they heard that there is going to be a whole new movie based on the game for the fans to witness. There was a lot of hype following the delayed release of the trailer for the movie but it ended up failing to serve on the hype for the fans of the game. While the opening sequence did prove an interesting narrative for the fans to follow but everything after that was an absolute joke and did not give a convincing plot at all. The most interesting part of the games were the fights and the movie managed to ruin that with some of the most terrible choreographed fight sequences.


Outside The Wire

Another project from Netflix that takes the same old plot of a sci-fi flick about wars in the future. There was some hope from the movie considering MCU veteran Anthony Mackie was leading the project and yet even he fails in bringing some interest towards the project. With some of the same old action sequences and a rather uninteresting ending the movie made sure that it was rather disappointing. It could be an interesting narrative for an episode of something but otherwise, it hardly has anything to focus on but the technological bit of it.


Chaos Walking

Chaos Walking was doomed from the very start as the movie saw a lot of directors go through it. The movie was halted various times during production and it was a clear indication that this might not really end up being a good watch. The heavy star cast of Tom Holland, Daisey Ridley, Nick Jonas, and Mads Mikkelson had fans wondering if it might stand out with the actors. But the plot was messed up enough to make sure that none of these actors managed to help with the plot of the movie. It might be amongst the worst movies that have come out in 2021.


The Matrix Resurrections

The fourth addition to the Matrix franchise definitely took its fair amount of time before coming out and there was a lot of excitement surrounding it as the fans were eager to see the characters of Neo and Trinity come together again. But the movie took a rather bizarre turn from the usual narrative and ended up following the recent trend of being meta. This actually took away a lot of the elements that had made the original franchise quite a success amongst the fans. Even the actions sequences failed to be as good as the ones from the originals that had impacted action in cinema to date.


The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard

The Hitman’s Bodyguard did not have critical acclaim but it surely did bring an interestingly fun narrative to put together the comedic chops of Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson. But the sequel that came out this year actually seemed like a cash grab and didn’t have as much fun as the original. There was some over-the-top action and some of the jokes being overdone for fun. All this ensured that the movie was something that wasn’t really needed and it was merely done for the sake of the success of the first film.


Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins

Disappointing Action Movies of 2021

The G.I. Joe movie franchise is not really successful even though it has managed to have a fan base of its own. Fans were excited to see how a Snake Eyes solo movie would work out considering he is one of the most beloved characters from G.I. Joe. But the movie ended up being rather disappointing for the fans of the character and action films in general. The previous movies had Ray Park take on the role and it had managed to gather some much interesting praise from the fans. This was seen nowhere in the case of this movie as Henry Golding took on the role.


Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City

The Resident Evil movies have hardly been able to prove worthy of their much greater games and even though they tend to draw parallels fans don’t keep many expectations from them. When it was announced that a whole new reboot was going to be done for the Resident Evil franchise fans started imagining how the creators would navigate such a story. The movie had a terrible marketing strategy and even though it had many references to the games, it failed to impress the audience. The entire project had a made-for-TV vibe even though it was actually released in cinema halls.


Black Widow

Even though Eternals was the most critically panned MCU movie of the year, fans were sorely disappointed with the solo venture of Black Widow. The character has been a part of the original Avengers for quite a long time and following her death fans wanted to know more about the character. Black Widow failed to be the project that would deliver us a good solo story for the character as it focused too much on bringing on board some other characters. There was a lot of excitement when it was found that the movie would have Taskmaster as the prime antagonist as which meant we will get to see some interesting fight sequences. But this was not the case as the movie hardly managed to bring to life the character of Taskmaster and ended up being a vehicle to introduce Florence Pugh’s Yelena Belova to the MCU.

So these were the most disappointing action movies of 2021. I know many of you would hate us for putting Black Widow here. But, it just didn’t do what it could have done. Still, let us know if you aren’t satisfied with any other points in the list.

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