5 Bollywood Horror Movies You Should Watch to Scare Your Fear Away

Bollywood has always “tried” to scare the audience. The Bollywood’s definition of a ghost, is an old cranky-woman wearing a white saree. Well, the white saree and woman thing has evolved, but the ghosts, still are stupid in general. Instead of getting afraid, you end up laughing in these movies. Here are 5 “non-sense” Bollywood Horror movies:



After watching this movie you will realize that ghosts are not always meant to be scared of. They can be hilariously funny too. They can make you laugh not just your heart out but also your fear out too. The hilarious expressions and sounds made by the ghost in this movie are too funny to be scared of.

[tps_title]CREATURE –[/tps_title]


Watching this movie makes you realize how stupid and idiotic you look when you are scared. The poor CREATURE in the movie has never understood the reason behind all the character’s reactions in the movie after seeing him.



In the time where people of India are blaming girls for their short and western dresses. Here in this movie the ghost wears the same old white saree and tries to seduce the fear inside you. Instead she makes you realize how old and outdated your reasons of fear are. The very thought of staying alone in the house or walking down the dark street makes you scared, go hurry watch this movie. And then share your feelings on facebook. You might get some likes from ghosts, even they have modernized.



The characters in this movie have no clue of what they are supposed to be scared of. Similarly you too look clueless when you are scared. Like the characters in the movie you only know that you have to be scared of things but, hardly have you had the clue of WHAT and WHY?



Need I say anything more?. A morbid presence covered in cockroaches with a fondness for pulling its victim’s heart out makes a better comedy than horror movie. Next time you see a cockroach before getting scared just think it in the GHOST way, you will die laughing for sure.


My name is Tathagata Das, I am from Kolkata. Tg is my nickname and I use it as my screen name in movies. I am a scriptwriter by profession in Bengali film industry. I love playing chess, listening music, travelling, observing different people.
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