8 Worthy Superheroes Who Have Picked Thor’s Hammer

Thor is one of the captivating superheroes who is popularly known for his super-powered hammer, Mjolnir, which does not allow other superheroes to have its powers. Well, in a couple of years, few of them have managed to pick the magical Mjolnir hammer. So without any further ado, we bring you eight superheroes who have lifted the super-heavy and powerful hammer in the comics.

1. Black Widow

bla Black Widow might be one of the underrated members of the Avengers, she managed to pick up Thor’s hammer in ‘What If Age of Ultron’ when he was dead, ended up having the powers of the god.

2. Vision

viz In The Avengers: Age of Ultron, he casually handed Mjolnir to The Thor like it was not a big deal. This scene was part of the movie to show his importance. Many criticized the moment saying it was wasted.

3. Awesome Andy

awe Awesome Andy is one of the characters to be obscured in this list. But due to his noble beliefs and powers, he was able to pick up the hammer. After The Thor possessed the power of who he is now,  Andy used the hammer to combat against the Mad Thinker.

4. Superman

su thor

Well Marvel and DC brought a crossover deal by bringing Justice League of America and The Avengers. Superman used the hammer to defeat one of the villains. After that, he was not able to pick it and gave it to The Thor.

5. Deadpool

thor's hammer Deadpool is one of the popular heroes and has gain traction from his 2016 Deadpool film. Well, most the fans are not aware that Deadpool lifted the hammer of The Thor. Thor’s evil brother Loki manipulated the story by the making Mjolnir invisible. Later, Loki creates another fake hammer to create confusion and then Deadpool picked it up.

6) Hulk

Hulk and Red Hulk have been known to deliver some action-filled comics. In one of the instances, he went along with the momentum of Thor’s hammer. Due to his strong strength, Hulk was able to pull Thor’s hammer during a face-off with Thanos.

7) Loki

Brother of God of Thunder, Thor, Loki has always messed up with him and he has gone to unexpected lengths to wield Mjolnir. After turning into the God of Heroism and Truth, Loki becomes worthy of wielding the hammer in Inversion’s event.

8) Captain America

In ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’, when all the Avengers sit together for a party and then everyone, other than Thor, tries to hang on to hold Mjolnir. The only time when God of Thunder gets serious is when Captain America slightly shakes the hammer. In one of the comic book stories, Captain America wielded the hammer after his shield was broken in a fight. Who else can lift the god-like Hammer of The Thor? Sound off down below. Don’t Miss: 8 Powerful Superhero Weapons That Can Be SUPER-DESTRUCTIVE

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