Rumor Suggests Marvel is Bringing Back a Big MCU Villain (But There’s a Twist)

The MCU is an intertwined interplay of many complex stories. It is said that every story is only as good as its villain. In that sense, the MCU is a very weird story because it has so many different villains which have had varying impacts on the audience. We had simple villains like Zeno and series villains like Thanos. All of them had their own strengths and weaknesses. One of the biggest critiques that MCU has had over the years is that they have no real stakes. But now rumor suggests that a Big MCU villain will be making its comeback soon.

The rumor comes straight from Twitter as posted by reliable informant KC Walsh. The tweet says “Also heard a popular villain is returning to the MCU to be a “guide” for a young hero”. This is quite a spicy rumor since it means that the return of the villain will also feature a redemption arc. Not only will we see an old villain return but we may see a Mandalorian sort of character arc which changes their entire persona and relevance in the MCU. Now, what does it mean and who will this villain be? We have no idea but be sure that we will speculate the hell out of this rumor. Take a look at the possibilities we have listed below:


Killmonger and Shuri

Scouring the comments on the tweet we came across some fan speculation that stirred our particular interest. You see, Killmonger is supposed to be dead in the MCU but with the advent of Wakanda Forever, that may change in the future. There is a possibility that after the death of King T’Challa in real-life Marvel may choose to salvage the character of Killmonger as a spiritual replacement. Although it is all but confirmed that Shuri will take over as Black Panther, we are still unsure how the transition will take place.


Shuri might be the most intelligent person to ever walk the face of the earth but she still needs a guiding presence to temper her. T’Challa was this presence for a long time but now she will need someone else as Black Panther. The speculation here is that a multiversal variant of Killmonger will come into the MCU and guide Shuri in the ways of the Panther. Another theory is that Killmonger’s spiritual remnant from the realm of the Panther God Baast will act as Shuri’s guide. Both of these possibilities would be amazing to see.


Agatha and Wiccan

Big MCU Villain Returning?

WandaVision showed us what can be accomplished through OTT shows and ushered in the concept of the multiverse into the MCU. The most interesting part of the show was the inclusion of a slew of new characters. This includes the children of Wanda and Vision and Agatha Harkness. The neighbor Agatha was revealed to be a powerful witch at the near end of the series who influenced Wanda using the Darkhold. The finale revealed to Wanda that her children were an illusion maintained by her willpower.


WandaVision Confirms Wanda’s Children

They are the one part of the illusion that she wants back desperately. Hence, the second speculation we have with this rumor is Agatha and Wiccan. The theory is that a variant of Wiccan may be trained by Agatha and guided to harness his magic powers. This Wiccan is expected to be the person who opposes Scarlet Witch and her Madness in the multiverse.


Justin Hammer and Riri

The last speculated pair on our list is a bit out of the left field. It is theorized that Justin Hammer will rejoin the MCU as a guide for Riri Williams. He may be the one who guides Riri and gets her into MIT before Shuri and Okoye find her. This is by far the most plausible theory of the lot and we believe that this is the one that KC Walsh is hinting at. With Wakanda Forever entering post-production stages we expect that more and more things will start leaking so it is to be expected that some minor story elements will make their way onto the shelves of mass media.


If this is the case then we cannot wait to see an interaction between Riri Williams and Justin Hammer because both of them have outlandish personalities which we expect will bounce of off each other magnificently. But let me suggest a twist as well.

Big MCU Villain Returning?

If it isn’t Justin Hammer who guides Riri, then maybe it could be Ultron! In the comics, Tony Stark’s AI guides Riri. So if that happens in the MCU, maybe it could be Ultron posing as Tony’s AI. What do you think about our speculation? Let us know in the comments below.


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