MCU: 8 Things We Want To See In Spider-Man 4

Following the release of Spider-Man: No Way Home, it was also announced that we will get to see another Spider-Man film pretty soon considering the next project is already in the early stages of development. Producer Amy Pascal had confirmed that we will get to see more of Spider-Man with a whole new trilogy of movies set to come out after this. Fans have already started speculating at every possible event that we might get to witness in the new trilogy. With the collaboration between Sony and Marvel Studios continuing there is an endless possibility of things that we might get to witness. Let’s take a look at 8 things we want to see in Spider-Man 4.

Daredevil & Spider-Man Team-Up

Spider-Man: No Way Home featured a lot of exciting moments for the fans of the franchise, but no one can deny that Charlie Cox’s return in the character of Matt Murdock was definitely amongst them. Matt Murdock actually helps out Peter in getting rid of the charges against him by representing him. The scene actually sees him also gives us a hint of his Daredevil person with him catching a brick that was aimed at them from outside. But this might mean that we will get to see Daredevil next to Spider-Man in a possible team-up in the near future.


Spider-Man Vs. Venom

It was hinted during the release of Venom: Let There Be Carnage that there will be a project that will see Tom Hardy’s Venom meet Tom Holland’s Spider-Man. This almost happened when we saw that Venom was amongst the characters who were teleported to MCU due to the botched-up spell. But this was followed by his eventual return to his own universe right around the end of the movie similar to the other characters who also returned. But this scene shows that a little bit of the black Venom symbiote is left on the bar table. While we might not get to see Tom Hardy’s Venom with Spider-Man, the scene clearly indicated that we might get to see Venom appear in the MCU.


Sinister Six

Morbius & Venom Part of Sinister Six

Fans were expecting to see the Sinister Six actually come together in Spider-Man: No Way but this didn’t happen because we got to see only 5 villains appear in the movie. The addition of the Sinister Six in this movie might have affected the narrative that this movie was going for. But with MCU clearly nailing the idea of this many villains in a single Spider-Man movie, it won’t be surprising to see something likes this happen in a future project. With the future Spider-Man films also being a collaboration between MCU and Sony, we might get a chance to witness the Sinister Six having it off with Spider-Man.


Ned As Hobgoblin

Things We Want To See In Spider-Man 4

Ned Leeds gave us some of the most exciting moments in Spider-Man: No Way Home. The character also proved to be one of the closest characters to Peter Parker other than MJ. But the comics see a different narrative for this character as he is seen taking the mantle of Hobgoblin after he is brainwashed by the original villain so that the latter can use him as a scapegoat for his crimes. The movie even hints at this when we see Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man telling Ned about what happened to his best friend. Ned might not end up being the Hobgoblin but if all things go well we might actually see Ned as a student of Doctor Strange because sorcery actually works with him.


MCU Character Cameos

Spider-Man: No Way Home stood as a vehicle to prove that we will get to see Daredevil as an addition to the MCU. This was a rather interesting move as this comes the same week that we saw Vincent D’Onofrio’s Kingpin return in the Disney+ series Hawkeye. There is a chance that we might get to see more such characters appear in future Spider-Man movies. These might include the likes of other Netflix shows that were a part of the Daredevil world. A possible team-up between the characters might also be something exciting to see.


A Younger Villain

So far, every one of the MCU Spider-Man movies has featured a villain that was rather older in comparison to Peter Parker. The final movie in the Homecoming trilogy also saw villains who were older than Parker. This leaves us very few chances to draw parallels with the character of Peter himself as that might help us see a much better struggle. The new trilogy could feature a much younger villain who will actually have a narrative parallel to Peter Parker himself. It would also be interesting to see a villain that is much less dependent on technology or magic in order to fight Spider-Man.


Peter & MJ Reunion

Things We Want To See In Spider-Man 4

One of the saddest bits from the No Way Home saw Spider-Man making sure everyone forgets Peter Parker in order to bring order to the universe. This includes MJ and Ned Leeds too. Peter promises that he will remind them of everything and come back to them but the ending sees him stopping himself from doing that. This was because he didn’t want him being Spider-Man affecting their lives. Let’s hope we will actually get to see MJ finding out all about Peter and then both of them having a reunion.


Peter Parker Meets Miles Morales

Something that has been teased for a long time in the MCU Spider-Man movies is the character of Miles Morales. We actually got to see Aaron Davis in Spider-Man: Homecoming and this proved that Miles Morales also exists in the MCU. Another major Easter egg for the character was when Electro says that there has to be a black Spider-Man in the universe. This might mean that we might actually get to witness Miles Morales in the MCU. With Tom Holland saying that he is interested in seeing Miles Morales, we might get a chance to witness Miles team up with Peter Parker.

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