5 Insane Things That Happened During The Invention of Iron Man Armor

Iron Man armor is what every comic book fan desires to wear in real. It is one of the sophisticated and a high-tech superhero costume which is operated through an operating system or you can call Tony Stark’s sidekick, JARVIS. Before the current armor, Stark already had made an armor that he built in a time-constraint environment. If you have seen 2008’s Iron Man, then you know where I am heading towards. Alright ! Pull the curtain now. Check out the five major things happened which lead to the invention of the first ever Iron Man Armour.

The Shrapnel

Tony Stark was riding through an active war zone with his escort, to have a look at a military demonstration of his technologies. And that’s when the whole team was attacked where a shrapnel lodges into his chest causing him at the edge of his life.

 The Kidnapping

So Tony Stark died? Before he was counting his breaths, a terrorist leader named Wong-Chu kidnapped Stark offering him a chance to live only if he would have built a powerful weapon for him. He false sworn that he would let him undergo an operation to save his life.

Access to laboratory

So Stark was not dead, he was taken to a laboratory to develop a weapon for the Chu. He meets another captive called Professor Ho Yinsen, a renowned Asian physicist. He acted as the assistant to Stark where both buckle down and develop an Iron Man armor which had a pacemaker kind of a device which let Stark’s heart pumping.

 Professor Ho Yinsen sacrifices his life for Stark


To avenge the death of his short-time assistant, Professor Ho Yinsen, Chu’s guerrilla troops had no way to go but to face the giant armor piloted by Stark. And you can imagine he could have done.

 James Rhodes provides power to Iron Man Armour

Iron Man Armor

During a reconnaissance mission, James Rhodes was brought down by rockets, though he managed to survive. He then saw Iron Man wandering in the dust. Rhodes used the helicopter’s batteries to let Stark charge his armor.

Did You Know?

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