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    5 Insane Things That Happened During The Invention of Iron Man Armor

    Iron Man armor is what every comic book fan desires to wear in real. It is one of the sophisticated and a high-tech superhero costume which is operated through an operating system or you can call Tony Stark‚Äôs sidekick, JARVIS. Before the current armor, Stark already had made an armor that he built in a time-constraint environment. If you have…

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  • Technologywater droplets controlled computer

    A Computer that can be Controlled by Water Droplets

    The worst thing you can ever do is drop your laptop or phone in water. Have you ever seen electronics mixed with water? Researchers at Stanford University have created a new type of computer that is powered by water droplets instead of electrons. The droplets are controlled using a technique called fluidic computation. This new generation of computer is nearly…

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