Is Kingpin Superhuman? How Did SPOILER Defeat Him?

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has exploded all over our TV screens. Comics have taken over reality and live-action has devolved into a Metahuman fight club. It seems that everyone needs to get on board the trend of superheroes. For if you are not superpowered then you are nothing compared to the best of humanity. After all, our heroes are supposed to be the best of humanity. Take the Hawkeye finale for example. We got to see Kingpin take center stage in the show but he turned out to be more dangerous than expected. His actions have us asking, “Is Kingpin Superhuman?”

Wilson Fisk aka Kingpin is the crime boss of New York. There is no illegitimate business in the entire city that he does not have his hand in. From a street swindler to the biggest corporate, everyone in the city is making money for Fisk. This is a man of cold calculation and pure wrath. He is not to be trifled with, something that he makes abundantly clear in the Finale of Hawkeye. The fight scene between him and Kate reminded us of the time he brawled with The Punisher in jail. No one thought that Fisk would best Frank Castle in close-quarter combat and yet he achieved a dominating victory.


But the Wilson Fisk we saw in Hawkeye was on a different level. He seems faster, stronger, and much more resilient to damage. The man survived things that could have killed any normal human. But as Kate said, “Things have never been normal”. This was true for the final confrontation with the Kingpin. The man was not ready to give a quarter. He is truly a scary beast.


Is Kingpin Superhuman?

When we were told in the middle of the episode that Kate and Clint would be making an entirely new batch of arrows, we were very excited. But then, things got a little weird when the final fight with Kingpin started. The big guy was after Eleanor so he decided to rip out the gate of her car. At this point, he proceeded to grab Eleanor. But before that could happen Kate confronted him. She held him at arrow point which only aggravated the villain. There is not much that can intimidate Kingpin.


He walked straight towards Kate and received an arrow to the chest. Even this meant nothing to him, he broke the arrow as it were a twig. The Big Guy proceeded to throw Kate around as he was run down by Eleanor in her car. Even then he stood up, hell-bent on killing Kate’s mother. Kate used her arrows and trapped Kingpin inside the shop they were thrown in. But the villain did not flinch at her attacks. He swatted her down as if she were a fly and broke all her arrows, a move that he would later regret.


Kate used her wits to lure Kingpin over the broken arrows and threw a key like a projectile as Clint had taught her. Everything is a weapon in the hands of Hawkeye. A chain reaction triggers a big blast formed out of all the trick arrows and Kingpin is finally thrown out of the scene. He is presumed to have fainted but later it is revealed that he escaped from the scene completely unscathed. The man does not seem to get hurt. We wonder if Kingpin will return in Echo.


The Reality

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Daredevil

Indeed, Kingpin has always had incredible strength both in the comics and in previous shows. He has even gone toe to toe with Spider-Man in many comics. But his performance in the Hawkeye season finale is a little absurd. No normal human is that durable. He may have taken some sort of a super-soldier serum to enhance his body to this level of durability. He has an incredible amount of money so it would not be that tough for him to get his hands on one of those serums.


He could have even funded the creation of one just to make sure that he is the strongest villain in New York City. Not to mention the fact that he has a whole bunch of street-level superheroes to deal with now. Whether it be The Punisher or Daredevil (and now Echo) he seems to cross paths with these powerful characters again and again. So it would make sense for him to power up.

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