How Kingpin Will Return in Echo Despite The Ending of Hawkeye

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has come to a point where they are adapting their real-world gritty characters to be more like their comic counterparts. After over a decade and a half of movie-making Marvel Studios find itself at an interesting juncture. Someplace where commercial success has become synonymous with fanservice. But not all fanservice is scantly clad women. In fact, when fan service is done as an ode to the source material it can become an effective tool in the hands of the showrunner. Whatever happened in the Hawkeye finale, Kingpin Will Return in Echo.

Spoiler Alert for Hawkeye Finale.

But what did happen? Well, the big guy got shot in the face by Echo. Much like how it went down in the comics, Maya Lopez chose to put down Kingpin for her father’s murder. Wilson Fisk’s stint in Hawkeye was interesting for a couple of reasons. But the main one seems to be that he was supposed to be Kate’s final challenge. Also, the character’s death was meant to be a wish-fulfillment for Maya. More accurately, the shooting itself exists to signify the end of her journey. As Maya Lopez leaves organized crime behind, Echo can take her place to protect the city of New York.


Besides, it is not like Kingpin can die merely of a bullet to the head. Wilson Fisk has survived far worse, just in this episode. Is Kingpin Superhuman? Well, that is a whole other discussion. Our point is simple, The Big Guy is tougher than he looks, and he looks very tough. He tossed Kate around like a day-old Greek Salad. The man walked through trick arrows, resisted grapples, and walked away after a car hit him. He is some kind of a freak or he seems to have genetically modified himself.


Kingpin Will Return in Echo

Anyway, it seems that he was held at gunpoint by Maya at the end of the finale of Hawkeye. The camera cuts away just as Echo is about to pull the trigger but it is implied that he was shot in the head. I have read some fans theorizing that Maya may have shot in the air and let Kingpin go, but I think there is a reason the sequence was shot like that. You see, Marvel Studios will use this cliffhanger to fuel the marketing of Echo. With Daredevil’s return to the MCU, it is highly likely that he will start a love affair with Echo in her Disney+ series.


This is because even if he was shot in the face, Kingpin would have easily been surprised. In the comic arc where Echo was introduced, she found out that Kingpin killed his father. Much like the show, Maya Lopez shot her uncle in the head. But the Big Guy did not die. No Sir! He merely lost an eye which was later replaced with a cybernetic eye. We predict that even if Kingpin is out of commission for a bit, he will return to exact his revenge on Maya. We’ve even suggested that he could be a superhuman in the MCU. So, that makes it even likelier that he survived the point-blank gunshot somehow.

It is also highly likely that Echo will raze Kingpin’s empire to the ground in the show. Her revenge streak may not end, but may just get meaner.


It would be amazing if the studio introduces Daredevil here to temper the lass. To teach her the control that he himself mastered in his original show. We loved Hawkeye and we expect great things from Echo. Especially now that the old Netflix characters are returning to the MCU. A street-level show without an Avenger may be better than having Clint Barton running around the streets of New York.


The Possibilities

How Kingpin Will Return

Don’t get us wrong, we just think that he should handle Avenger-level threats and not Kingpin. The Big Guy should be left to the brawlers. It seems that Marvel has decided to bring their entire cast closer to their comic origins. Even with Kingpin, they seem to want to introduce characters that have a history with him. Marvel Studios are so good at listening to their audience. It seems that they listen to what we are saying and they try to realize as many theories as they can. Their world-building is intricate and has exactly as much content as it needs.


It is precise in such a way that we are able to enjoy the source material through the live-action show. This will be the next big thing in Marvel as Kingpin Will Return in Echo, the fight on the streets of New York will turn brutal. The Avengers will go home and our brawlers will come out to keep the order. It’s a pity that we don’t get to see Spider-Man involved in these shows. His powers could be useful to the heroes.


So now you know how Kingpin will return in Echo.

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