10 Mistakes You Never Noticed In The Harry Potter Movies

The Harry Potter franchise has been a fan favorite since the last decade and continues to amaze us. The films were great and the books were epic. The Harry Potter films became a worldwide phenomenon and have been loved by Potterheads since then. Still, if you look closely you can find little mistakes in the film making process as it must be really difficult to create films like Harry Potter. These are some of the mistakes that can be spotted in the legendary franchise.

10. Battery packs visible:

In some scenes from the third film, you can spot battery devices on the backs of the actors. The outlines of the device are clearly visible and the makers didn’t bother to remove them. These are probably some type of microphones that are attached to the backs of the actors.

9. Harry’s T shirt changes:

In a scene from ‘Order of the Phoenix’, Harry’s t shirt changes style in the same scene. At first, it is a round neck t shirt and in an instant, it becomes a collar t shirt. This is very weird and makes us wonder why it was necessary to change the t shirt style in the same scene.

8. Trunk style changes:

In a scene from ‘chamber of secrets’ where Harry and Ron are trying to get through platform 9 and 3 quarters, they bump into the wall and fall. In that scene, the style of the trunk changes mysteriously in a moment. It is just weird and the makers must have felt that no one would notice.

7. The floating candles:

We have seen the floating candles in the Harry Potter movies and they look pretty and magical, don’t they? Well, they are not very magical when you know how they float. In a scene, it is clearly visible that the candles are hanging with threads. The threads are visible in a particular scene.

6. Hairstyle changes:

In a scene from the first movie we can see the style of Hermione’s hair change and it is quite evident. At first, the hair is crimped and in another moment it becomes straight. Maybe they thought the natural straight look was better but then they should have waited for the scene to complete.

5. Tape marks available on the ground:

There are tape marks visible on the ground at King’s Cross station in a scene from ‘Chamber of secrets’. The scene shows the Weasley family rushing to get to the platform to board the train. Just then the camera focuses on Ginny’s luggage and two tape marks are visible on the ground in that scene.

4. Hermione’s legs disappear:

This one is a big mistake and can be spotted easily in the fifth movie. When Grawp picks Hermione off the ground, the lower part of her legs disappear and some digital lines appear. This is clearly a technical mistake which might have gone unnoticed at the time of editing.

3. Cameraman appears in the background:

In the scene where Harry and Draco are dueling and Harry uses a spell that throws Draco back on the floor. At that time in the background, a cameraman can be seen kneeling behind the other child actors. This is clearly a careless mistake and should not have happened.

2. Pettigrew’s wand:

In the Goblet of fire, there is a scene where Pettigrew can be seen putting his wand in his left pocket. In another scene however, he can be seen removing the wand from his right pocket. This is really a magic trick or a silly mistake. Either way, we hate Wormtail!

 1. Harry’s changes sides:

Harry Potter

In this scene from ‘Philosopher’s stone’, Harry can be seen sitting on one side of the table and in the next scene, he is sitting on another side. Why did Harry change sides? Was the first position not comfortable? Whatever the reason may be but it is a clearly visible mistake that should have been avoided.

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