Godzilla vs. Kong: Every Major Plot Hole In The Movie

Godzilla vs. Kong could not get any better than this. 99% of the movie was dependant on major VFX and CGI. Apparently, the people working for the same department were too thorough with it. If you look at it, it’s amazing! The attention to detail is crazy. Considering all this, Godzilla vs. Kong is an absolute hit. But, as we all know, someone misses something.

Here are some major plot holes from Godzilla vs. Kong:

Monarch Could Not Evacuate Hong Kong In Time 

When Godzilla responds to MechaGodzilla’s existence in Hong Kong, he heads there. As a result, Godzilla caused mass destruction. Aware of this, Monarch hurriedly decided to evacuate Hong Kong. But, it seems like they were not able to do that in time. Even having plans like Titan Shelter, Monarch was clearly not able to evacuate the people of Hong Kong.

Kong’s Temple Was Not Radiated 

Nothin picked up the energy from the shrine of Kong’s place. They fly in, following the Titan, but when they disembark in the fortress, only a few soldiers keep their hazmat suits on. Meanwhile, the key protagonists and Apex’s rep, Maya, lack helmets. This places them directly in the field of potential radiation, and no one even tests to see if the ecosystem is safe. Dr. Serizawa entered Godzilla’s temple to set a nuke off, he kept his hazmat suit on until he was ready to die, so clearly, these scientists should know better, especially when past teams have perished in Hollow Earth.

Lack of Security At Apex

Apex is a multi-billion corporation. Considering this, there must be enough security to guard whatever resources are left even after the destruction. Firstly, at the Florida base, Bernie hacks his way into sub-sector 33, yet after that, it only takes a push of a button to access all doors. There’s no ID scan or anything, which allows them to get on a transport pod with Skull Crawler babies that takes them to Hong Kong.

Monarc using Depth Charges On Kong 

When Godzilla attacks the fleet that is carrying Kong to Antarctica, during the fight, he drags Kong in the water. As a result, Ilene gets scared and decided to drop depth charges on Godzilla. But she doesn’t realize that Kong is in Godzilla’s death grip. This means that when the charges dropped, they will obviously affect Kong too. Ilene couldn’t have predicted Kong would have survived this, especially since he was already out of his element.

Trip To Hollow Earth Could Be Carried Out Without Kong 

Apex tells Nathan they have unique aerial vehicles that can avoid the gravitational inversion and get them to Hollow Earth. Plus, Nathan knows the way, as his brother attempted the jump with a crew in the past but perished. He’s the one who posits Kong will take them to the energy source, but this is also flawed. Hence, Kong was not really needed for this trip.

Bernie Remain Hidden 

Bernie actually hosts the Titan Truth Podcast, leaking sensitive intel he discovers, and he actually lists out his plans to keep digging and infiltrating the company. He is an Apex technician who suspects the company is up to no good. And with no surprise, his suspicions were true as well. Two children were even able to find him before Apex did anything. Since he is right about Apex’s sinister intentions, it’s surprising the secretive organization didn’t try to stop him from leaking crucial or condemning information. He’s been doing this for years, yet somehow Apex can’t track him down, even though he doesn’t disguise his voice.

Legendary’s MonsterVerse is back at it again with two Titans, Godzilla, and Kong, colliding to see who’s truly the king of all monsters. But eventually, they both fight together to eliminate the bigger threat, that is MechaGodzilla that is channeled by Ghidorah’s DNA and consciousness. This is the reason why Godzilla was able to pick up the reception and be aware of MechaGodzilla’s existence. The fight was epic as Godzilla really took a beating from MechaGodzilla. It was not until Kong decided to help Godzilla and the world in general. It was an epic moment to see the two Titans put their differences aside and fight for the bigger picture.

Directed by Adam Wingard and written by Eric Pearson and Max Borenstein, Godzilla vs. Kong stars Alexander Skarsgard, Millie Bobby Brown, Rebecca Hall, and Brian Tyree Henry. The film is in theaters and on HBO Max now.

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