10 Incredible Recently Revealed The Last Jedi Secrets You Never Knew

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is already out to massive box office revenue. Even though it has polarized the fan base but it has been turned into an effective blockbuster. While the movie still has garnered its fair share of controversies, it still is one fine piece of work. And this fine piece of work holds several secrets that Lucas Films just revealed to the audience. Some of these secrets are just too epic to ignore.

Battlefront II connection

In the movie, Luke’s hut in Ahch-To is seen housing a necklace made up of Khyber Crystals and a compass that looks extremely weird. Both the items were 3D printed in a day’s notice to be included in the movie sets. In the video game, one mission allows the Resistance to download the blueprints to the First Order dreadnaught. That is how the Rebels knew which the weakest point to bomb was during the starting of the movie.

Han Solo’s Golden Dice

The Golden Dice that Luke gifts to Leia at the end of the movie was a massive Easter egg. The Dice is actually a part of the Millennium Falcon’s cockpit accessories during Han Solo’s time as a space faring smuggler. The dice will again be featured in Solo: A Star Wars Story. Believe it or not, the Golden Dice actually makes an appearance in each and every Star Wars movie.

The Holdo Hero Moment

Vice Admiral Holdo had her moment to shine when she used the Resistance’s lead ship The Raddus as a light speed battering ram to destroy the lead ship of the First Order Forces – The Supremacy. Any other ship would not have had such massive amount of damage. It was Holdo’s precise calculations and the editing team’s decision to cut off the sound making the scene a video only moment that made it so memorable in Star Wars history.

The Meaning of Benicio Del Toro’s D.J

D.J grew from being a likable anti-hero to a despicable scum rat in The Last Jedi. Whatever the reasons for him betraying Finn and Rose be, he was responsible for the deaths of almost half of the entire Resistance forces of the galaxy. D.J may be a bad guy but he has a cool backstory. When Lando Calrissian could not be roped in for the movie, D.J was born. D.J literally means Don’t Join – a classic Elvis Costello poster. It is also inscribed on his hat.

The Kylo Ren connection

This almost took us by surprise. The Kylo Ren connection did not begin in The Last Jedi but in The Force Awakens. When Kylo tried to probe Rey’s mind using his powers, both their minds created a mental connection. This kind of connection is not new to the Star Wars universe. Darth Maul and Ezra Bridger also had a similar connection in Star Wars: Rebels.

Luke’s Last Stand

Luke Skywalker’s intergalactic force projection has been the topic of long debates and discussions. Suffice it to say it has been vigorously dissected. When Luke walks over the salt crust of Crait, there are no footprints. When he mocks the First Order forces by brushing his shoulder, there is nothing on it. Leia is only on to recognize the illusion when Luke touches her before going to fight his former apprentice.

Leia Organa’s ‘Help Me’ Hologram

Leia Organa’s “Help Me Obi-Wan Kenobi, You are our only hope!!” hologram footage that Artoo uses as a cheap trick to convince Luke to join the fight is actually from the Original Trilogy. Rian Johnson went through scores of footage to get to that scene and intentionally degraded it to show the memory corruption in Artoo after the footage has been in it for a long time.

The Rogue One Connection

Gareth Edwards, the director of Rogue One makes an appearance in The Last Jedi. He is the Rebel Soldier standing next to another who tastes the salt of Crait in the movie’s climax scene. Moreover, the Rogue One’s ‘Hyperspace Tracking’ Easter egg was added to it in post-production to help forward continuity. Johnson also makes a cameo in Rogue One as an Imperial Soldier in the Death Star.

Awesome Cameos

Last Jedi

Star Wars Veteran Warwick Davis and his daughter portray two of the three aliens called the Lucky Three in Canto Bight’s Casino. Joseph Gordon Levitt played the guy who complained about Finn and Rose’s shuttle to Canto Bight authorities. Mark Hamill appears as Dobbu Scay, the grumpy alien who feeds coins into BB-8. Edgar Wright, Noah Segan, and Joe Cornish also make appearances.

Poe Dameron, Leia Organa and Luke Skywalker

It was originally Poe’s mission to locate Luke Skywalker’s whereabouts and help him join back the Resistance in their losing battle to push back the First Order. While it was Rey that found the map and went on to complete Poe’s original mission, Poe also wanted to see Luke, General Leia Organa’s legendary twin sibling, in the flesh. Sadly with Luke getting one with the Force, Poe will have to suffice with only a Force projection.

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