5 Times Superman Teamed Up With His Enemies And Shocked Every DC Fan

Heroes fight villains, there’s nothing new to it, There are a lot of times when Superheroes fight superheroes, but the most amazing part is when superheroes team up with supervillains to counter some other threat. One such hero is Superman, here’s a list about him teaming up with his enemies:

General Zod

This might seem a bit strange, but the two powerful sons of Krypton have actually worked together. In a story, the bottled city of Kandor is enlarged and New Krypton is formed, where Superman joins the military under Zod, both even develop a good professional relationship, but then things go south for the General, who then declares war on Earth, forcing Supes to send him back to the Phantom Zone.


This could be the ‘cutest’ entry in the list. Well, it’s Bizarro that we’re talking about. The imperfect clone of Sups isn’t wicked at all at heart, just defected. In a storyline, Luthor is trying to kill Bizarro in order to prolong his own life, even though Bizarro dies, both fight side by side and Superman sees to it that the dying Bizarro doesn’t suffer much.

Mongul 2

Well, this one is purely based on a Rocky storyline, Mongul sees that Imperiex is going to attack, to check whether Supes is up to the mark, he fights him and trains him, playing Creed here. Mongul then is killed by Imperiex, enraging Superman to beat the seemingly unbeatable villain.



No one could have thought that these guys would walk hand in hand,  after all, they, KILLED each other. Still, when fighting Imperiex, most of the DC’s heroes find themselves overpowered, but surprisingly the duo of Superman and Doomsday takes Imperiex’s henchmen out with great ease.

Lex Luthor

As weird as it may seem, the duo has actually teamed up. In a recent storyline, Luthor takes a shot at redemption, where he with his new best friend Superman is fighting crime. Luthor even requests Sups to let him wear an ‘S’ Shield so that he can be DC’s newest superhero, later though, it is revealed that this all along was a scheme by him so that he could trap Superman in an extra-dimensional prison.

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