3 Characters Who Are Smarter Than Tony Stark

Tony Stark, also dubbed as Iron Man, is one of the valuable assets of the entire comic book universe. Marvel Cinematic Universe movies have brought a whole range of comic book adaptations and there are already several stories lined up to hit the big screens. Alright! Iron Man. Stark’s strong intellect and his I-don’t-give-a-f**k attitude are what make him different than others. He is “the tech bee” of the Stark industries which is ten years ahead in technology than what we are today. Is he the only smartest person in the world ? He is undoubtedly smart but not the smartest. Today we are counting down on three characters who are smarter than Tony Stark.

1) Mister Sinister


The supervillain Mister Sinister, also dubbed as Nathaniel Essex, is a biologist who can manipulate the perspective of humans. He possesses a variety of powers like regeneration, telekinesis,shapeshifting, and other superhuman powers. He is someone who can easily compete with Stark intellectually. He uses his powers for the perfecting of the human evolution and cloning mutants. He is an expertise in biology, physics, genetics, cloning, and engineering. It’s like know all the codes of human evolutions.

2) Hank Pym


One the of founding members of the Avengers, Hank Pym holds a special place in the Marvel Universe. He is a normal human with extraordinary superpowers. Being a biochemist, he knows nanotechnology, quantum physics, and artificial intelligence, which help them decrease and increase the size of humans. He was also the first Ant-Man. He introduced the teleporting technology for Avengers and is the sole creator of Ultron in the comics.

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