Hawkeye Breaks The Record of MCU’s Highest Kill Count

Marvel ensured an awesome year for the fans with multiple projects based around their cinematic universe. The most awesome of these was definitely the debut of the shows that are canon to the MCU on the Disney+ streaming service. There was some confusion about how these projects would look on the small screen but once again they proved to be a massive success. This year ended with the last series Hawkeye that has to be amongst the best of the shows that we have gotten to see. The show was very grounded and yet gave us a narrative that was surprisingly better than most of the things that we have gotten to see so far. While Hawkeye is the most grounded show from Marvel, it certainly made sure that Hawkeye breaks the record for the highest kill count.


The series ended last week with a lot of stories and a lot of narratives that we will get to witness in the future of MCU. There were a lot of exciting things in the series from car chases to fight sequences between assassins and last but not least, trick arrows. With a narrative that solely focused on a plot surrounding the character of Hawkeye, there was hardly any expectation that Marvel would churn out such a narrative. We got to witness Jeremy Renner’s Clint Barton go on a crazy fun adventure with Hailee Steinfeld’s Kate Bishop as they both learn from each other.


There was a lot of reference to the comics with certain scenes being taken entirely from the comics and others adapted in an intelligent manner. But the series also had a chance to introduce a lot of characters who will have some impact on the future of MCU. Each character was as dangerous as the previous one as fans even feared that Florence Pugh’s Yelena Belova might actually end up killing Clin Barton. The series also confirmed that another daunting villain is officially a part of the MCU with Vincent D’Onofro returning in his role as Kingpin from the Netflix show Daredevil. With so much action, it might not come as a surprise that the series only added to the existing kill count for the character of Hawkeye.


Highest Kill Count

Hawkeye Breaks The Record

As Hawkeye is now available to be seen in its entirety on the Disney+ platform, it has been confirmed that the series holds the record for the bloodiest projects in MCU. The series opens with the very first murder of Armand Duquesne. And it does not stop there as we navigate through various action sequences. Including the scenes where Clint was Ronin definitely adds a lot to the number of kills that Hawkeye has had over the years in the MCU. The show has managed to bring the total number of kills to around 50-55 bodies total. This does not include the arrows that the character has shot at hands or feet or other arrows that didn’t seem to be lethal. But this does include that one scene from Hawkeye where a cute owl carries away the two “tracksuit mafia”‘s in a truck after it was shrunk by Kate Bishop’s Pym particle arrow.


Even Jacques Duquesne has some kills in the series as he was seen jabbing his sword at many of the “tracksuit mafias”. The series finally surely managed to make sure that the character of Hawkeye ends up having the highest number of kills in the franchise. This finale also saw the death of Kazi though there’s still some question as to whether he might be returning in the future if he might have survived by some means. The same goes for the scene where we saw Maya shooting at Wilson Fisk, as we don’t know if she has been able to kill him or not (let’s hope not).


Hawkeye Breaks The Record

This is quite fitting considering Hawkeye’s character is a trained assassin and he had an entire arc as Ronin. The character is way ahead of Tony Stark, whose numbers lie around 35 when he managed to escape the Ten Rings in Iron Man. Even the Winter Soldier only has around 45 on-screen kills but that’s just because he hasn’t had that big of an appearance on-screen. It is rather interesting to see that fans might not believe these numbers considering the rather light tone of the series. But this might be the very beginning of much darker narratives ready to unfold in the MCU, with a lot more bloody battles and fights (Moon Knight!!!).


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