8 Hero vs. Hero Future Battles of MCU We Want To See

Phase 4 of the MCU is set to include a lot of new characters in the franchise. Bringing these characters together would definitely see some interesting narratives play out. This happened in the case of The Avengers where we saw Hulk fight Thor. But now that the franchise is expanding we can expect to see some of the most far-fetched fights between superheroes happen. This could involve hand-to-hand combats or two wizards using their magical powers against each other. This could actually be a sight to see as some of the much more ruthless and gritty narratives are now being picked. We might see some fights to the end with the heroes finding every possible means to survive. Let’s take a look at some future battles of MCU we would love to see between the heroes.

Daredevil vs. Moon Knight

These two characters have already graced us with their presence in the MCU. Now, all we need to see is Moon Knight come to Hell’s Kitchen and have one of his moments where he is in rage or confused about his side. Deadpool won’t actually wonder about the character much and put all his focus on fighting this mysterious new opponent. Considering both the characters will have a gritty depiction we can see this lead to some interesting narratives in the future.


The Punisher vs. Spider-Man

Future Battles of MCU

The Punisher is not the one to follow many rules when it comes to his enemies. This might come off as quite a dangerous view for the character and Spider-Man might consider him to be an enemy. Tom Holland’s Spider-Man is a lot more evolved now and we can see him confront a character like Punisher. Though Punisher is not canon yet, we can imagine that MCU will follow the formula for Daredevil again and make the Netflix rendition of Punisher canon. We have witnessed quite a few fights between Spider-Man and the Punisher because of the anti-hero arc of the latter. It would be exciting to see how this is brought to the live-action.


Captain Marvel vs. Monica Rambeau

Captain Marvel has not had a proper narrative on Earth yet. The character has a lot of connections on Earth and yet we didn’t get a chance for her to have proper interaction with them since we saw her in her solo venture. When Monica Rambeau heard her name being mentioned, she had certain displeasure with it. There are many theories surrounding this being because Captain Marvel did not come to the help of the characters when it was required. But both the characters are supposed to appear in The Marvels, and we might get a chance to see them have a face-off when they first meet. This would be interesting to see considering Monica has recently acquired some interesting powers in WandaVision.


Iron Fist vs. Shang-Chi

Give way to what could be the best possible choreographed fight we might have the chance to see in the MCU. Both Shang-Chi and Iron Fist have some relatable characteristics and this could see them coming across each other. Fans were actually wondering to see Iron Fist being mentioned in the Shang-Chi solo venture, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. Even though Iron Fist isn’t yet a part of the MCU, we can clearly imagine that when these two characters face-off, it is surely gonna be a sight to see.


Okoye vs. Valkyrie

This might sound a bit too far-fetched but there’s a certain rush to it that other narratives might not have. Okoye is one of the fiercest soldiers from Wakanda and we have seen her being very composed about her persona. At the same time, Valkyrie is a part of an army that had once battled with Hela herself. These two characters being pitched against each other could actually be an interesting arc to explore. Tessa Thompson has even mentioned her eagerness to see these two characters come together on-screen. It would be a wild sight to see but there is definitely `gonna be an interesting arc to explore now that we have projects like What If…? exploring the most far-fetched narratives.


Spider-Man vs. Deadpool

Future Battles of MCU

Deadpool and Spider-Man have some interesting narratives on the pages of Marvel Comics. Deadpool has often attempted at fighting Spider-Man and killing him but even failed many times. Considering the Merc with the mouth has a reputation for going absolutely wild in his fights, it would be interesting to see how Spider-Man ends up fighting him and how that ends up being an interesting narrative to be explored.


Doctor Strange vs. Moon Knight

Doctor Strange is always able to detect when there is some mystical thing that’s happening on Earth. If this is followed then Strange would definitely be able to pick up on the presence of Egyptian gods from the Moon Knight narrative. Moon Knight might even consider him a threat when faced by him and this could lead to them fighting it out. But Strange could also see Khonshu being a threat to his realm and might plan to strike him out.


Scarlet Witch vs. Doctor Strange

This is something that we might actually end up seeing in the upcoming Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. But there is a slight possibility that we might end up seeing her as being an ally to Strange. If they do confront each other, it would be a sight to see considering both of them are now masters in their own mystical forms.

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