5 Celebrities Who’ve Crashed Expensive Cars

Crashing a car is one thing; crashing an expensive car is a different story altogether. Unfortunately, even the most expensive cars are not spared when it comes to car crashes. Several celebrities can attest to this. 

A Columbia car crash attorney advises everyone to insure their cars at all times. Driving an expensive uninsured vehicle is a recipe for disaster. Unless, of course, you do not mind having your Porsche wrecked without hope for compensation. Here are five celebrities who’ve crashed expensive cars.

Celebrities Who’ve Crashed Expensive Cars 

1. Elon Musk

Back in 2002, Tesla Inc. CEO, Elon Musk, crashed his uninsured McLaren F1. The car crash occurred while Elon Musk was showing his car off to Peter Theil. The saddest part of the story is that the vehicle had not lasted very long since he bought it. Fortunately for them both, none of them was injured in that car accident. What’s more, he is said to have laughed as soon as he got out of the damaged car, explaining to Peter Theil that the vehicle was not insured. 

2. Rowan Atkinson


You probably know him from Johnny English, Blackadder, or Mr Bean. Contrary to his Mr Bean Character, who drives an old car, Rowan has always been a lover of exclusive, expensive cars such as his McLaren F1. Sadly, he crashed his car on two different occasions, which cost him an awful lot of money to repair.  Luckily, he got out of both accidents without any major injuries. As for his exclusive ride, he later sold it for $12.2 million. Who would have thought a car would fetch that much, even after two major crashes?

3. Justin Bieber

Justin Beiber is no stranger to traffic rule-breaking. With charges ranging from driving under the influence to drag racing, he has made a name for himself in the traffic black books. In 2014, the pop star was involved in an accident between his Cadillac Escalade and a BMW.  However, he was not the one driving during the accident. He has also been in several different car crashes, one of them involving a Ferrari.

4. Lindsay Lohan

Speak of reckless driving, and the name Lindsay Lohan might come to mind. With several car crashes and several DUI arrests, her crashes may not be news. Lindsay added a Porsche 911 to her list of written-off vehicles by plunging into an eighteen-wheeler on one of her crashes. To make it worse, the Porsche was a rented car!

5. Tracy Morgan

Imagine the pain of Tracy Morgan when he crashed his $2 million Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport! What’s worse, he crashed just two hours after he had bought it. The car accident depreciated the value of his car by a whopping $200,000. Luckily for him, he escaped unscathed, with his vehicle bearing all the brunt of his accident.  

Insurance and a Lawyer

If there is anything you should learn from all the celebrities’ encounters, you need to insure your car. Whether you own an exclusive McLaren F1 or a Toyota, ensure you have enough insurance coverage and that you pay your premiums on time. This will help minimize your losses in case of an accident. 

You may also need the services of a qualified accident lawyer in the event of an accident. A lawyer will help you get all the compensation you deserve in case you are innocent. On the other hand, they will help you appeal for a lower penalty if you are the at-fault party. However, the most important thing to remember is to drive safely.

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