Who Voiced Kro, The Leader of Deviants In Eternals?

Eternals packed various mysteries and one of them was definitely about who would be voicing the CGI villain characters. It might seem like a very tiny detail that doesn’t really matter but that’s not true in the case of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Paul Bettany went on to play Vision in the movies but before that fans might have identified that he gave the voice for Tony Stark’s AI companion JARVIS. While fans were wondering who voiced Kro in Eternals, some started associating random stars to the projects. But now we know that Bill Skarsgård who is popularly known for playing the scary clown in IT voiced the Deviant Kro in Eternals.


It seems that this MCU project will play an essential role in the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We have a whole new set of characters who aren’t as ordinary superheroes as we had witnessed in MCU so far. The movie has to be one of the most different MCU films with a story that has been going on in the MCU for a long time. One of the major benefits of the project has to be the stellar cast and wonderful performances. But it seems weird that Marvel did not announce who was the voice behind Kro.


Bill Skarsgård Voiced Kro

Who Voiced Kro

Now that Eternals is out fans would be delighted to know that Bill Skarsgård was the one to bring the character of Kro to life in the movie. We are left wondering why his name wasn’t involved in the marketing for the film. The actor has previously played another Marvel character in Deadpool 2 titled Zeitgeist who had a short-lived role in the movie. There’s a chance that the role was too small to even be considered significant. Maybe he will be used to bring another character to life going ahead in the MCU based on his association in this project.


Who Voiced Kro

But then we can’t stop thinking about what other character might Bill Skarsgård end up playing in the future. His Eternals co-star Gemma Chan had previously appeared in an MCU project and she returned in this movie and will probably have a future in MCU based on this project. In a way, it’s good that MCU put its main focus on the ten primary characters of the movie.


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