Where Do The Eternals Exactly Fit In The Complex Timeline of MCU? EXPLAINED!

With the entry of the immortal Eternals, the MCU’s timeline grows more and more complex. Eternals have been on the Earth, among humans, for more than 7000 years. They have watched a billion deaths, a million dynasties rise and fall, thousands of wars, and hundreds of countries turning into nothing but dust. They have been here since the dawn of civilization and placing them in the complex timeline of MCU would not have been an easy task for the Academy Award-winner ChloĆ© Zhao.

MAJOR Spoilers Ahead!!!

MCU’s Eternals was released last week and rose above their bad reviews like a phoenix. The movie introduced a band of immortal superheroes created by the Celestials, the creators of all existence. The Eternals saw the evolution of the humans and made sure that the humans had access to the technology they needed for survival. However, their real mission was to keep the people of the Earth safe from the inter-dimensional parasites, the Deviants, also created by the Celestials.


Complex Timeline of MCU

The first three phases of the MCU, the Infinity Saga, were quite straightforward with their timeline. However, as we go deeper into Phase 4, things are not the same. For instance, Black Widow, though included in Phase 4, is set in 2016-ish. And Disney+ Original Loki was set in an entirely different timeline. And with an introduction to the Eternals, the complexity grows.



The movie has confirmed that it is set eight months after the blip, so in June/July 2024. It will be the same time around Spider-Man: Far From Home and No Way Home as the latter will continue right where the former left. But, it will probably have a time jump of a few months. Also, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier is set almost 6 months after the blip and continues for almost two months.


As for the Eternals, its chronography, in itself, was complex as well. It had scenes from the recent past and the ancient past embedded into the main storyline. Though mostly the movie was set in the present. Yet, it had scenes from when the Eternals first arrived on Earth on the Domo in 5000 BC, fought off the Deviants, and helped the first civilization in Mesopotamia. Next, we see the Eternals at the infamous Ishtar Gate – the entrance to the great city of Babylon. Then we see the battles in 1500 BCE, where the Eternals supposedly killed the last remaining Deviants. We also see some of the Eternals at the darkest moment of human history; at the nuclear attack zone of Hiroshima in 1954.


Complex Timeline of MCU

But when they got to know about the real Emergence, they started to reunite. When they went to find Druig, the deviants were waiting for them. Unfortunately, Gilgamesh died fighting the strongest among them. Then Phastos led them to Domo, buried near Babylon, modern-day Iraq. There, they made plans to stop the Eternal Tiamut from rising but Ikaris and Sprite opposed them. Phastos created the Uni-Mind and united the powers of all the remaining Eternals, even Sprite’s and Ikaris’, and Cersi used this to turn Tiamut into ice.



Eternals featured a scene where Phastos created a machine that could help the humans till their land for agriculture. However, Ajak told him to create a simpler tool, so he created the plough. Interestingly enough, agriculture started approximately 7000 years ago, however, its origin is still unknown. But after Eternals, we know who to thank for the food we eat. So, we know that the future Eternals movies will fictionalize explanations for some unknown mysteries in human history. As the reason for their anonymity is now very clear.


Earlier, the Eternals worshipped Arishem and tried to follow his every single order, even if they had to wait for him for 500 years. But now that they no longer obey his orders, they might interfere and take part in human affairs, much like Thanos and Kang the Conqueror. When Dane Whitman asked Cersi why they didn’t help the Avengers against Thanos, she replied that she was not allowed to do so. However, now they do not need permission anymore.


It would be rather exciting to see the Eternals teaming up with the New Avengers and saving humanity again. This time, they won’t hide in the background but fight in the front lines. And with Phastos’ advanced technology, paired with Wakanda’s advancement will save humanity and every other world from any threat in the coming future. So, if a villain wants to attack the universe, they might have to be a lot stronger than Thanos.

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