Thor 4 Set Photos Reveal What Thor and Jane Did B/w Thor 2 & Age of Ultron

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been growing at an incredulous pace. This is a good thing because we getting more and more content as things move past the pandemic period. Marvel Studios has finally ramped up the production process and things have been kicked into high gear. This is evidenced by these Thor 4 set photos which showcase that the production team has been working in overdrive. Thor: Love and Thunder is supposed to be a story about Jane Thor from the comics. These images evidence the return of Natalie Portman to the MCU.

We have some theories about what is going on here. It can be seen that Chris Hemsworth has his old haircut back from before Ragnarok. This means that the scene that is being filmed here is most probably a flashback scene. We left Thor with the Guardians of the Galaxy at the end of Avengers Endgame. We expect that the God of thunder will return only in Thor 4. But what has been revealed about the story and the look of Thor indicates that he will be different than how we left him. He is healing his anxiety and seems to be doing better.


One thing that Thor 4 will have to explore before setting out its primary story is the relationship of Thor and Jane. The couple was last seen together in Thor The Dark World. After this movie, Thor’s next appearance was in Age of Ultron but there was no mention of Jane and she was nowhere to be seen. Although Erik Selvig did make an appearance. We were told in brief that Jane and Thor broke up in the movies that came after this but the script refused to go into detail.


Thor 4 Set Photos

It seems that this scene that is being shot in these Thor 4 set photos will shed light on what actually happened between the couple. We speculate that it will be placed between Thor 2 and Age of Ultron as far as the MCU timeline is concerned. But it is interesting to notice that the actors still have a lot of chemistry together. They seem comfortable walking around and eating hotdogs, this signifies that this is probably not a break-up scene. Although, its always the possibility that the photos represent the calm before the storm.


Thor 4 Set Photos

Knowing Taika Waititi this could be the cold open of Thor 4. It is also possible that we get a very short, no holds barred, drink in your face end to the ‘happy’ couple’s date. But this scene would probably also be improvised knowing Taika. We think that Jane would have finally become tired of all the necessary distance that Thor has to maintain from her owing to his off-world duties. Not to mention that she is not immortal like him. These things have always created problems in their relationship and this scene might be the final straw as the dominoes of their relationship fall.


We only wish we could know if there was any CGI involved in this scene too. Maybe it has some hidden element to it that we cannot discern for now. Marvel is always happy to hide things in plain sight, and we think that is exactly what is happening here. Maybe this scene is the exact moment that Thor and Jane find out that she has cancer if that is the storyline that this movie is following. For context, Jane was suffering from cancer when she took up Thor’s hammer in the comics. So this scene that we see here could be the moment of truth for the couple.


The Possibilities

We think that this is the most viable option. Especially after looking at these two photos where Taika Waititi seems to be enthusiastically directing the couple to do things a certain way. The director is known for his offhand approach. He doesn’t give a lot of instructions because he wants his movies to be free-flowing and light-hearted. His involvement here seems pretty in-depth which means that this scene might be very important, narratively speaking.


What do you think about our analysis? Does it make sense or does it seem too vague? Maybe we are letting our imagination run away from us. Or maybe we have hit the nail on its head. We won’t know until Thor 4 comes out. Let us know your opinion in the comments below and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood. Excelsior!!!

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