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The Flash Surprisingly Used The Coolest Power of Deadpool

Deadpool is one of the most awesome comic book characters and this is mostly because the character has some of the coolest powers. There is hardly any character comparable to him except for the fact that there is some similarity with the name of the character of Deathstroke from DC. The characters are named Wade Wilson and Slade Wilson which clearly cannot be a chance similarity. Fans of DC and Marvel have had debates on this for quite a long time. But then there are quite a lot of references to Marvel in DC and vice-versa. The recent issue of The Flash just took the coolest power of Deadpool and used it in a way Marvel has never done.

The Coolest Power of Deadpool

When the character of Deadpool was first created back in 1991 by the legendary artist Rob Liefeld he was a simple mercenary with katanas and an awesome-looking costume. It was later in the 2000s that the writer developed his character further by giving a rather unique and dark sense of humor. Further development actually saw his character get the signature tendency to judge the flaws and idiosyncrasies in his own writings. There were even certain moments where we would see him acknowledge the reader too. This ability was carried on to his movie and game depictions and that made it one of the coolest things about the character of Deadpool.


The Flash Uses Fourth Wall Break

In the latest The Flash #776, we see Wally West’s Flash getting dragged to a cave by Doctor Fate and the former is absolutely stupefied at what might have happened. As Flash asks the latter about what’s going on, Doctor Fate gives a response that absolutely stupifies the Flash. Doctor Fate mentions that they are stuck in a 2-dimensional causeway. He tells the speedster that they have to make a move so that they can reach their destination before Eclipso makes a move. That’s not all as this follows with Doctor Fate revealing that there are some foul beasts and demonic apparitions who are natives of the dimension moving to make a strike at the duo.  


The coolest power of Deadpool

As he warns Flash of the coming danger he mentions something while glancing towards the reader’s point-of-view that comes as surprise to both the readers and Flash himself. He says:

It’s going to be up to you to help us. To guide us through.”


Flash wonders what this is supposed to mean and wonders how he can help. But before he can complete a sentence Doctor Fate points towards the reader and says:

You! The Reader of this book! Our fate lies in your hands.”

Flash is still unaware of what Doctor Fate means and thus he asks what is that supposed to mean. He jokes that maybe Doctor Fate has experienced some injury that is making him say such things. But then Doctor Fate grants him the powers to break the fourth wall and he is absolutely petrified when he looks towards the reader’s point of view. He states that this doesn’t make any sense and asks for an explanation.


Doctor Fate responds:

I don’t have time to explain! The demons of this realm have found us!

The coolest power of Deadpool

After this, we get to see Doctor Fate actually communicate with us readers as they navigate with the various villains that they face. During various moments in his fight, we see Doctor Fate instruct the reader to turn the book in a different manner like clockwise, counterclockwise, and finally upside-down as this shifts the gravity in the world of the comics. There are even certain moments when Doctor Fate and the Flash end up climbing from panel to panel so that they can evade the monsters that appear in the following pages.


This team-up kinda resembles the crossover that we will get to witness in Spider-Man: No Way Home with Spider-Man and Doctor Strange. There are various similarities between these characters including the fact that Spider-Man has his Spider-Verse while Flash also his universe. The movie will see Doctor Strange open the multiverse by mistake which is quite similar to Doctor Fate giving Flash the powers to break the fourth wall even though both do it for a different purpose. It seems rather odd that DC comics will pull out such narrative now that Spider-Man: No Way Home is less than a month away from its release.


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