Here’s How the Last Member of Young Avengers could be introduced in the MCU

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has no shortage of interesting characters. But things become even more beguiling when you realize that the MCU is merely the tip of the iceberg that is the marvel comicverse. There’s a big possibility that the MCU will soon introduce a new superhero team that will act as the Teen Titans to Avengers’ Justice League. Ergo the Young Avengers. Eagle-eyed fans know that some of the members of Young Avengers have already been introduced including Iron Lad (a younger version of Kang). So Here’s How the Last Member of Young Avengers could be introduced in the MCU.

The Young Avengers include Kate Bishop (to be introduced in Hawkeye), Cassie Lang(Scott Lang’s Progeny), Elijah Bradley aka The Patriot (introduced in Falcon And The Winter Soldier), Wiccan And Speed (Wanda’s children), America Chavez (to be introduced in Multiverse of Madness), Kid Loki (Introduced in Loki), Riri Williams (to be introduced in Wakanda Forever), Kamala Khan (The Marvels), Iron Lad aka Kang, and Hulkling aka Teddy Altman.


Apart from Teddy Altman, each member has received some kind of mention or introduction in the cinematic universe. It makes us wonder how they are going to introduce Hulkling into the MCU. There are several possibilities for this. But we like the theory that Redditor u/Fun-Conversation1538 posted on r/MarvelTheories. It covers the Kree-Skrull background of the hero really well and adopts it for the MCU perfectly. Take a look, we have reproduced it for you below.


Introduction of the Last Member of Young Avengers

Superheroes Who Could Replace Spider-Man
Superheroes Who Could Replace Spider-Man

”Out of all the Young Avengers, the only one not introduced so far(Iron Lad was technically introduced via his future self) is Teddy Altman, Hulking. It’s assumed he will make his debut in either Secret Invasion or The Marvels. In the comics, he is the son of Mar-Vell, a Male Kree who held the title of Captain Marvel, and the Skrull Princess Anelle. He was sent to Earth by the princess with her nursemaid to be reunited and raised by his father, only to discover he had died without knowing of his son’s existence.


This leads the nursemaid to go into hiding on Earth and raise him as her own. This backstory significantly clashes with the MCU’s version of Marr-Vell, who wasn’t a Captain Marvel or even a hero at all. My theory, hear me out, is that the MCU will relegate Teddy to instead be the son of Carol Danvers and a Skrull Prince. This comes from Monica’s unexplained aggression toward even the mention of Carol in Wandavision. It could be that Carol fell in love with the Prince(The MCU has made her very close to the Skrulls) and had Teddy, but the Prince was assassinated by the Kree or another, more malevolent Skrull faction.


Then, Teddy was sent into hiding on earth as, just like in the comics, his heritage made him a major political target. Monica’s anger toward Carol could be because she feels like she abandoned her son, she would probably be very close to him as a sort of “Cool Aunt” or perhaps is even the one who raised him in this continuity. Whatever form it takes, Monica’s relation to him could be how they facilitate said hybrid prince’s meeting with a certain chaos mage, who she also has strong ties to.”


The Breakdown

Movie fans may not know that Hulking is actually a Kree-Skrull hybrid. Mar-vell had an affair with a Skrull princess and this affair bore them Teddy. Mar-vell was unaware of the child’s existence, hence when he was sent with a nursemaid to earth he only found a dead hero. But this was the comic history. In the MCU Mar-Vell died before the war was over. He was never a hero in this universe. So the Redditor did an amazing job of adapting the story so that she is the mother of Hulkling in the MCU.


Young Avengers Movie Marvel Studios

It is not a far-fetched possibility that Carol was wooed by a Skrull Prince at one point. After all, she has been protecting them for a long time, some degree of attachment is natural. Regardless, we feel that introducing the Hulkling through Carol will make the most sense and give her a role in the battle to come. It is possible that just like in the Young Avengers Vision will be resurrected in the MCU. But this time it will be Wanda’s spells that cause the disturbance. This would certainly make for an interesting clash. What do you think about this? Let us know in the comments below.

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