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Henry Cavill Wants To Play Captain Britain And Marvel Has To Make It Happen!!!

Henry Cavill is riding high with some of the most fan-favorite projects in recent years including Netflix’s The Witcher series and Superman in the DC Extended Universe. The actor has always shown his fandom for all things surrounding his projects like the Witcher games and the comics. His interpretation of Geralt certainly did prove to be worth it as fans are getting ready for the Second Season of The Witcher. The star was all in for bringing Zack Snyder’s vision for the DCEU and it seems to have brought Zack Snyder’s Justice League to the fans. Now the Man of Steel star, Henry Cavill wants to play Captain Britain in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Henry Cavill

Henry Cavill gained worldwide acclaim when he took on the role of Superman in Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel. The interpretation received a mixed response but Cavill’s take on Superman was well received by the fans. He was also one of the biggest picks from the fans for the next James Bond now that Daniel Craig is done with his rendition of the spy.


Captain Britain

Henry Cavill Wants To Play Captain Britain

The star has now got his eyes on the Marvel Cinematic Universe with the character of Captain Britain. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporterthe star mentions:

I’m never going to say a Marvel character that is already being played by someone else because everyone’s doing such an amazing job. However, I have the internet and I have seen the various rumors about Captain Britain and that would be loads of fun to do a cool, modernized version of that — like the way they modernized Captain America. There’s something fun about that, and I do love being British.


While there is no confirmed detail regarding Captain Britain in the MCU even though there was an easter egg regarding the character in Avengers: Endgame. Kevin Feige has confirmed that there have been some discussions on the role of Captain Britain in the Marvel Universe. There was an ongoing rumor regarding a Captain Britain and the Black Knight movie under works, which could be true considering we got to see Dane Whitman make his debut in the MCU through Eternals. 


If MCU does bring the character there is a chance that we might not actually be getting Brian Braddock. When news about Christian Bale being a part of the MCU started making rounds, fans assumed that he would be taking on the role of Captain Britain. But now we all know that Bale would be playing Gorr the God Butcher in Thor: Love and Thunder. So, we need a new brit for Braddock!


Man Of Steel 2?

Henry Cavill Wants To Play Captain Britain

Henry Cavill has also confirmed that he is still up for a sequel to Man of Steel, which gives fans a lot of hope for the character. Cavill told THR that:

There is still a lot of storytelling for me to do as a Superman, and I would absolutely love the opportunity. The killing of Zod gave a reason for the character never to kill again. Superman falling to the ground and screaming afterward — I don’t think that was originally in the script, but I wanted to show the pain he had. I did far more emotional takes they didn’t choose; tears were happening.


He continued:

He just killed the last remaining member of his species. That’s the choice he made in that moment, and he’ll never do that again. There’s an opportunity for growth after that, to explore the psyche of Superman as a deep, seemingly invulnerable god-like being but with real feeling on the inside. As I always say, ‘The cape is still in the closet.’


When details regarding WB’s next black Superman project were brought in, Henry Cavill was welcome to this addition and he would be interested to see the comic book interpretation come to life. He mentioned:

It’s exciting — Superman’s far more than skin color. Superman is an ideal. Superman’s an extraordinary thing that lives within our hearts. Why not have multiple Supermen going on? Joaquin Phoenix did a wonderful Joker movie; so what if it’s not tied to the rest of [the franchise]? They have multiple Superman comic book storylines happening at the same time.


Henry Cavill is associated with various other projects which include The Witcher and his take on Sherlock Holmes in Enola Holmes. There isn’t much chance of seeing him as James Bond because fans can see him in the upcoming spy thriller Argylle directed by Matthew Vaughn. With various interpretations of Superman already at works under WB, including the Val Zod series and Michael B. Jordan’s Black Superman project, there doesn’t seem to be a chance for a possible return of the actor in a Man of Steel sequel. But Captain Britain seems like the ideal choice and let’s see if Marvel is still looking around for the role.

Besides John Krasinski and Emily Blunt’s fan-casting as Mr. and Mrs. Fantastic, Marvel should certainly make the fan-casting of Henry Cavill as Captain Britain come true. Hey Marvel! Now you know that Henry Cavill wants to play Captain Britain. So the ball is in your court now. Make us happy as you always do. Would you guys like to see this casting happen? Or would you rather see him return as Superman (or both?)? Let us know in the comments.

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