10 Things Only Eagle-Eyed Fans Spotted In Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Terminator: Judgement Day, was released in 1991 and even 30 years after still seems to be on every movie geeks mind. This movie was one of those rare gemstones which to date has not aged a single day and remains the number 1 reason for fans to start a movie marathon with. T2 has always been considered as one of the best constructed and directed movies. A clever plot and thrilling action sequences paired with a world-class level of visual effects at least for that time, makes this movie a 1000-time watch. In papers, it is still one of the best-picturized movies, even better than its successors to some extent. This movie even to date has caught the attention of many eagle-eyed fans, who still manage to pull out several loopholes from the movie sequence, which others might not be able to notice.


The Apocalyptic Symbol

In the movie, a circus ride with horses on fire has been marked as the apocalyptic symbol for the end of the world. The idea was initially supposed to be a dream that was would come off as a premonition to one of the actors, but James decided to go along with the latter idea.


Sounds Recorded After The Actual Shoot

Things Spotted In Terminator 2
Things Spotted In Terminator 2

The movie Terminator 2 has several action sequences, because of which getting clear audio with dialogues and other equipment in play becomes quite troublesome. So, a majority of the sound or audio that we hear in the movie, was recorded after the production of the movie.


Robert Patrick’s Animalistic Instincts

One character that made the T2 a marvelous success was also the portrayal of Robert Patrick as the villainous T-1000. To cope with the raw evil, Patrick had to incorporate several animal instincts into his acting. From turning his head like that of a predatory eagle to swimming or trickling amongst a crowd of people to imitate a shark as the ultimate predator.


Identical twins

In the movie, James Cameron made the inclusion of very clever visual effects. There were some scenes in the movie which were the plain brilliance of DNA. James on two separate occasions implicated the use of twins to make the shoot more realistic. From the two policemen in Pescadero to Sarah Connor towards the end of the movie, we witnessed the inclusion of twins in the movie. In the end, Sarah Connor played Linda Hamilton and the clone that appeared was Leslie Hamilton, her late sister.


Medical Science Practicality

Things Spotted In Terminator 2
Things Spotted In Terminator 2

The movie was known to use some extremely crafted clever plots. But there was one such scene where we witnessed T-1000 transforming into the guard and impaling him right through the skull. This scene garnered a lot critic, about why he did not make any noise whilst being taken down by the T-1000. The explanation is that the terminator had pierced the left eye along with the left hemisphere of the brain, which is responsible for speech.


Arnie’s Cue Cards

In the sequence of scenes, where the T-800 drives Sarah and john to Mexico, the director improvised quite a bit. Arnold was not quite well equipped with learning long dialogues, so James pasted the script sheet on the windscreen of the car and it looked like the Terminator was giving out its directive while keeping his eyes on the road.


Machines Don’t Blink

In the entire movie, if you would notice with intensity, none of the machines seem to blink. At least not the way they are supposed to if they were a bunch of Terminators designed to infiltrate humanity. Robert Patrick even underwent special weapons training to help him train his reflex reaction while firing a weapon. And by looking at him shoot a weapon in the movie, it certifies his ability to feel completely inhumane while firing a weapon.


Sarah Wears The Same Trench-Coat As Kyle’s

Things Spotted In Terminator 2
Things Spotted In Terminator 2

When the T0800, Sarah and John infiltrate Cyberdyne, Sarah is seen wearing the same Trenchcoat that Kyle Reese (Michael Biehn) was wearing in the first movie. The intent of this was to show how Sarah missed Kyle even after so many years and how she wore the coat to mark it as a way of remembering her long-lost love.


T-800’s Grenade Basics

When in the building the T-800 is about to come face to face with the S.W.A.T team, the T-800 lunges the bag on his shoulder filled with grenades onto his back. It does so because he understands that the bag full of grenades may not harm him, but cause major damage to the life of other humans in his vicinity. The sole intention of doing so was to keep the death count to 0.0.


The T-1000 Can Manifest Multiple Organs

While pursuing the antagonist in a police helicopter, the T-1000 seems to be firing at the runaway truck with two hands, while another arm protruding out of his belly seems to be piloting the helicopter.


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