Hawkeye Theory Suggests That Kingpin Bought The Avengers Tower

Even though we have been able to watch the first two episodes of Hawkeye there is still no confirmation regarding the narrative of the series. We are yet to find out what is actually going to happen in the episode and how it will transpire around Clint Barton and Kate Bishop. There are various fan theories surrounding the series and while some might have been hinted others are yet to be confirmed. One of the most interesting fan theories is that the series might end up re-introducing Vincent d’Onofrio’s Kingpin from the Netflix Daredevil series. The Netflix series was one of the best Marvel shows amongst the lot that is not considered to be canon. There has been a debate for a long time over who might have taken ownership of the Avengers Tower. Now, a popular Hawkeye theory suggests that Kingpin might be the owner of the Tower.

Avengers Tower

We got to see the Avengers Tower for the first time during the opening sequences of The Avengers when Phil Coulson visits Tony Stark to talk about the Avengers Initiative. It was majorly damaged during the events of the New York battle when the Chitauri had attacked led by Loki. Following the dissolution of S.H.I.E.L.D., the tower was made the main headquarters of the Avengers. We have some of the most major scenes in Avengers: Age Of Ultron taking place in the scene until the tower was repurposed for Stark Industries’ use. The Avengers base of operation was shifted to a refurbished Stark Industries warehouse upstate.


Spider-Man: Homecoming indicated that Tony Stark had sold the Avengers Tower but details regarding the actual buyer were never revealed. We even got to see Happy and other Stark Industries workers shifting valuable items and artifacts from the tower. These items were being loaded onto a cargo plane so that they can be transported to the New Avengers Facility. Later in Spider-Man: Far From Home, we witnessed that there were some real significant changes but there was still no hint at the buyer.


This was always one of the biggest mysteries for the fans of the MCU as the tower served a rather essential part in the narrative of the franchise. It was revealed that the director of the Spider-Man movies, Jon Watts would be directing the new Fantastic Four reboot for the MCU. Fans immediately started looking at the Easter eggs that might have indicated that the Avengers Tower was going to become the Baxter Building where the Fantastic Four family was gonna stay now. A reference in the Disney+ series Loki indicated that at some point Kang the Conqueror might have stated in the tower but that might be a different timeline entirely. But a major Hawkeye theory suggests a completely different owner for the towers.


Hawkeye Theory: Kingpin Owns The Avengers Tower

The very first episode of Hawkeye shows us the Avengers Tower with a certain continuity error but it was shown in almost a similar condition as we had seen in The Avengers. Following that episode, there has been no hint or look at the tower and that looked a bit odd for the series. This raises a certain possibility that Hawkeye might end up revealing that the new owner of the Avengers Tower is Vincent d’Onofrio’s Kingpin.


This goes hand-to-hand with the theory regarding how Kingpin might be introduced in the series considering the character has not yet been a part of the MCU. Fans of Marvel have said that the actor was the perfect choice for the role of the character next to Charlie Cox as Daredevil. Hawkeye’s second episode introduced us to Alaqua Cox as Echo, who is actually Kingpin’s adopted daughter in the comics. The series hints at the fact that Echo might be running the crime gangs in New York and possibly setting up Kingpin’s empire.


Hawkeye Theory

We have seen Kingpin based in the Fist Tower, a high-tech headquarter in some of the popular portrayals including Spider-Man: The Animated Series. This could also be a hint at why the goons were looking for a watch during the auction in the first episode of Hawkeye. Stark might have left some tech hanging around in the Tower and there is a chance that this watch might actually be a key to unlocking some of these advanced technologies. This would be the perfect way to set up Kingpin in the MCU and thus making a rather interesting villain for the heroes to face now.

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