All Eternals Should Return In Future Despite What Happened In The Film

Eternals introduced a lot of characters to the Marvel Cinematic Universe while at the same time dealing with the post-Infinity saga world. The stories have become more serious and there is a whole new light on the treatment of the characters. While Eternals had a different tone compared to most other MCU movies it does follow some of the patterns of the franchise. The movie kills off certain characters that it had just introduced and it makes sense regarding the narrative of the movie. But there is a clear chance that Marvel will bring all the Eternals back in the future. Here’s a look at the theory that indicates why all Eternals should return for future MCU projects.

Spoilers for Eternals follow.


Eternals primarily dealt with two basic narratives where one dealt with the characters being introduced and set up in modern times while at the same time setting up their history in the MCU. The characters come to terms with their purpose for existing on Earth and the various responsibilities they carry. Even their enemies the Deviants come back in the story and continue to be a major problem for them. Let’s take a look at all the Eternals who died in the movie.



Salma Hayek’s Ajak was one of the most significant Eternals who played the leader persona amongst the Eternals. She was the only one who was aware of the actual purpose of the Eternals and yet she hid that fact from the others. Later, she is killed by Ikaris as she decides to help the humans by stopping the emergence from happening. Her powers, which allowed her to communicate with the Celestials fall in the hands of Sersi who become the somewhat leader of the Eternals or the ones who wanted to stop the Emergence from happening.



Gilgamesh has one of the least explored narratives in the movie as he is not given much to do within the entire movie. He is amongst the two characters whose powers were absorbed by the Deviants, along with Ajak. We don’t get to see any proper development in the relationship that he shares with Thena. Gilgamesh had taken the responsibility to keep Thena with her when her memory issue caused her to attack the other Eternals.



Eternals Should Return

Ikaris is one of the most explored characters throughout the movie as he is the only one who gets to have both his dimensions explored. He, along with Sersi, takes the responsibility of uniting the Eternals against the Deviants. It is only later revealed that he had intentions that made him the villain as he is responsible for killing Ajak. Later when he comes to terms with what his intentions would have led to the heads straight towards the sun. It is not clarified whether he actually sacrificed himself but considering there is no mention of him later we can consider he had died along with Ajak and Gilgamesh.


How Can MCU Bring Them Back?

In the latter half of the movie, we see the Eternals realize that they are basically robotic shells who serve the purpose of the Celestials which requires them to fight with the Deviants. They are supposed to stay in a seed planet until the Celestial that is growing in the planet emerges and destroys the planet. After these sets of events are completed the Eternals’ memories are removed and then they are placed on another planet and this cycle continues.


Eternals Should Return

Marvel has clearly paved the way for the characters to make a comeback considering each of the actors associated with these characters has signed multi-movie contracts. This definitely means that we will get a much better chance to explore these characters considering how they weren’t given a proper narrative in the movie. Characters like Ajak and Gilgamesh were hardly played around with and the future projects might actually give a chance for them to come back.


While this is only based on the contract for the movie there is the theory of the bodies of each character being robotic shells. They can all be repaired and brought back and assigned their work once again. Even their memories can be retrieved considering the Celestials have the memories for the characters. They can even be simply reproduced and sent to Earth with the plan of the rise of the Celestial there.


Marvel has always made sure about bringing back some of the major MCU characters like Loki and even Vision in the recent past. One of the biggest deals about Eternals was the involvement of the A-list stars in the movie and even these stars have confirmed that they will be appearing for multiple Marvel projects. While it isn’t yet confirmed if we will be getting a sequel to the movie but if we do we will definitely see some means of bringing these characters back somehow.

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