Why Were The Space Gods of Eternals Killed In The Guardians Movies

Eternals is the first Marvel Cinematic Universe project that will deal with the mythology behind Earth. The movie will deal with godlike beings who had existed for a long time on the planet and played an essential role in guiding humankind. These beings had been mentioned before too with slight hints in different projects. But primarily the Celestials were mentioned in the Guardians of the Galaxy movies. Both of these movies introduced us to the characters and at the same time, we discovered certain interesting factors about them. But in the end, these characters were either a part of history or villains who ended up being killed in one way or the other. Let’s take a look at why the space gods of Eternals ended up either being killed or being already dead in The Guardians of The Galaxy movies.

Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy played an essential part in the Marvel Cinematic Universe considering it introduced us to some of the vastness of the universe. There were various characters that were a part of this vastness who later came and played an integral part of the plot. The movie suggested that the Celestials had been a part of MCU’s history but not the present. One of the scenes shows, the Collector showing footage of one of the Celestials, Eson the Searcher wielding the Power Stone to judge an entire world. But the Power Stone is actually discovered by Peter Quill in Morag, right where the character debuts and yet it looks absolutely abandoned. 


Another essential Celestial shown by the movie has to be Knowhere, which is actually the severed head of a Celestial. It becomes quite a massive part of the mythology of the world as it actually becomes the base of operations for the Collector. It only goes to show the size and power this ancient race might have had and at the same time how they had become but a piece of history.


More About The Celestials In Vol. 2

But that’s not all considering the sequel to the movie brings us a Celestial as an antagonist with Ego. Ego mentions himself as lost and thus madly driven to his own evil conspiracy against the universe. This movie tells us a lot about the Celestials including the fact they are composed of some undefined energy, “living light” which lies at the core of their beings. 


Why Are The Celestials Extinct?

Space Gods of Eternals

This makes us wonder why these characters were mostly considered to be extinct in these movies. The Guardians of the Galaxy movies had to mention these characters as a part of establishing the universe. These movies were made at quite an early stage of Marvel and maybe around this time the franchise wasn’t confident about introducing all these characters into the world. This might have actually helped considering it gave the character of Thanos some weight.


Possible Reason

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We are still left wondering what might have actually happened to the Celestials. There are hints of a major cosmic battle that might have rendered the Celestials extinct. The reason for that could be that the people evolved and they realized that they didn’t require any such beings to rule them or judge them. But the idea that this disappearance was not easy could be referenced from the fact that there are multiple references to Celestial fatality in the form of Knowhere and remains of Celestial bodies in Sakaar (according to the Marvel Studios Visual Dictionary). Essentially we can imagine that the Infinity Stones were used against them.


Space Gods of Eternals

Considering the Eternals will properly introduce us to the Celestials we can imagine a hint at how they became extinct. They could have been brought back by the energy ripple that was spread out because of the usage of the Infinity Stones. There is a major chance the Celestials will be returning to the MCU.

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