Why The Change In Powers of Ms Marvel Is A Good Thing (& Why It’s Bad)

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is all set up to introduce its first family of superheroes. Although this family might share only their name, they are one of the most powerful collections of superheroes one can encounter. The Marvels will feature both Captain Marvel and Ms. Marvel and fans have speculated for a long while that the latter’s MCU powers might be different than her comic powers. This rumor has been confirmed by a poster release by Marvel Studio. Take a look at this poster down below and keep reading to see why the change in Powers of Ms Marvel is a good thing.

A statement was made by Marvel Studios after which two posters were released, one for Ms. Marvel and the other for Hawkeye. The Hawkeye poster is a callback to the comics and the purple color theme is a callback to Endgame but the Ms. Marvel poster is far more interesting than any we have seen before. The reason for this is that the poster confirms her construct powers that had been rumored for a long time. Kamala Khan has the power to embiggen herself and her body parts in the comics. But it seems that she has been given the power to create constructs like Green Lantern in the MCU.


This is a good thing for several reasons. First of all construct powers will cost a lot less to animate than embiggening powers. Constructs are see-through and energy-based. Hence the CGI artists don’t have to work overtime to create life-like textures for the CGI parts. Moreover, the lighting on the body parts might not need to be adjusted. Instead, they can as a light source in the frame that they are and the artists could change the ambient light only. This is sure to save the show some money which they can use in other places.


Why Change In Powers of Ms Marvel Is A Good Thing

Secondly, this change in powers Ms Marvel is a good thing because it creates a different identity for Ms. Marvel. Even though a lot of die-hard fans may not be happy with the change in powers of Ms. Marvel, they can still agree that we have seen too many superheroes with embiggening powers in live-action movies. Be it Reed Richards or Ant-Man, this power showcase is as old as time. So it might be nice to see new powers from a comic character built on the same old template.


This is especially important because both Ms. Marvel and Reed Richards will be Phase IV and Phase V superheroes. It is pertinent to note that these powers have been rumored for a long time. Another good thing about this power alteration from the comics is that Marvel may finally get a Green Lantern of their own, kind of. We expect that Marvel will not give Kamala the ability to create any kind of construct. It is more likely that she will make large constructs of her limbs with energy projection and use these to fight. So the powers are still the same but different?

The Drawbacks

There are also some drawbacks to this power change. The primary concern is that hardcore comic fans may take a staunch stance against the entire change. They may consider that this is not the character they fell in love with on comic pages and hence doesn’t deserve the same respect. We cannot know whether it will happen exactly like this but it is a strong possibility so the comic fans still have something to look forward to.


Another drawback to this change in powers of Ms Marvel is that she may also be getting wish-granting power. We are still unsure how this will function but we expect it to be some kind of “Be careful what you wish for” kind of trope where good wishes have unforeseen consequences. We cannot know until the show comes out, but we can speculate.


What do you think of our analysis and the new poster? Do you like the new poster? Do you think the Power Change of Ms. Marvel is a good thing or a bad thing? Does our analysis make sense? Did we miss something? Let us know in the comments below and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood. Excelsior!!!

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