Here’s How Logan Just Set Up The Start Of  The X-Force For Deadpool

Although the Logan and Deadpool camps have both denied the possible link between the two movies, all signs indicate that there is still a connection that may be vital for a future super team. No, it’s not what you are thinking. Deadpool will clearly not be in the last Wolverine film (although we wish he was), given the sheer intensity and drama like a tone of the film. Deadpool’s self-depreciating humor may be a bit too zany in a dystopian future. But his potential new team may have unintentionally been formed even before Deadpool 2 hits.

Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) reacts to Colossus’ (voiced by Stefan Kapicic) threats.

X-23, we have reported was a team member of the X-Force along with Wolverine, Deadpool, and Cable in the comics. A fact that has played out too many fan speculation for the new superteam, especially given the fact that Cable is a time traveler from the future. The X-Force were put together by Cable, who craved for a super elite team who was more militant than the X-Men.But Laura may not be the only member from X-Force who is in Logan.

Here’s How Logan Just Set Up The Start Of  The X-Force For Deadpool

In Logan, X-23 is a test subject of Dr. Zander Rice at Alkali Transigen. She, along with a dozen other children are put through tests that ultimately makes them into supersoldiers. One of the children that X-23 encounters is Rictor, a mutant who possesses earthquake-inducing abilities.Rictor was one of the first members of the X-Force.This new introduction just concludes that X-Force may very well include both characters into the team.

Since Deadpool is set in the present timeline, the possibility of X-23 and Richtor joining the future mutant team all falls down into the time traveling hero’s hands.Fox has used some creative way to connect mutants in prior movies, so it won’t be a huge problem for the studio to get past.

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