Loki Episode 5 Confirms A Major Infinity War Theory About Loki’s Death

Loki episode 5, “Journey Into Mystery,” was just released on Disney+ and it comes with a lot of good moments. Moreover, Loki’s character development that we’ve been seeing since episode 1 was finally seen in action. The episode has finally set Loki, Sylvie, and the viewers on the right direction to the entity behind the TVA. And finally, we got to see Richard E. Grant in an impeccable form. Being the Classic Loki, he really gave us the same essence. While I speak of episode 5, it came with one too many Easter eggs. But it looks like the episode might have given clearance to an Infinity War theory!

Loki Episode 5 Confirms an Infinity War Theory

Infinity War Theory

The Disney+ series follows the 2012 version of Loki that escaped during the time heist carried out the Avengers in Endgame. This version of Loki was never killed by Thanos and witnessed the events of Ragnarok also. But the one in the main timeline pretty much got killed by the Mad Titan in Infinity War itself. Loki pledged allegiance to Thanos, and legit based his actions on this loyalty. But it didn’t turn out the way he thought it will.

One particular fan theory that got famous after Infinity War was that Loki actually never died. The theory was driven by the fact that Loki used his left hand with the knife in Infinity War. However, he’s usually right-handed in the MCU but used his other hand when he faked death with a double in The Dark World. The same happened when Loki tried to stab Thanos, but once again, with his left hand. So, it could be a mirror image. But the TVA later on in Loki revealed that it was, in fact, Loki who died.

Classic Loki Proved Loki’s Survival Theory Right

But this theory anyhow got proven right by one of Loki’s variants. And that was Richard E. Grant’s Class Loki. During a conversation where everyone discussed their Nexus event, Classic Loki decided to share his story. He too witnessed Thanos’ wrath. But instead of trying to stab him, Classic Loki hid in the rubble and drifted away in space, escaping his ultimate fate. This caused his Nexus event.

Infinity War Theory

Classic Loki went on to explain that he drifted away in space until he found an isolated planet. He wanted to live by himself in complete isolation because he believed that pain was to follow him until the very end. As he lived alone for years to come, he started missing his family, and particularly his brother Thor. So the minute he stepped outside of the planet, the TVA showed up and pruned him. Hence, he landed at the Void and survived because that’s what Lokis do. But one way or another, this theory proved right for at least one of the Lokis.

But there may be a chance that even our Loki used the same trick and survived in MCU’s main timeline. What do you think about this theory? Let us know in the comments.

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