Tom Holland Posted A Picture That Will Pump Up Spiderman Fans For Homecoming

Spider-Man has had a well-established silver screen history. Sam Raimi brought the character of Spider-Man live on-screen 20 years ago. Since then, the SPIDER-MAN hasn’t looked back. For the first time, MARVEL CINEMATIC UNIVERSE is about to get its own SPIDER-MAN in the upcoming SPIDER-MAN HOMECOMING. Recently, Tom Holland who has succeeded Andrew Garfield as the titular character Peter Parker shared this photo from the sets of the movie:

It’s about to go down!!! The vulture is not playing.

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Tom Holland recently posted this photo on his INSTAGRAM account and he seems in deep conversation Michael Keaton who is playing Vulture and the director Jon Watts.

It is difficult to get any plot details from the image but what we can speculate is that this scene is from the latter half of the film. In this sequence, the Spider-Man will try and take out the vulture without Iron Man’s help. The shoot location of the warehouse has been seen a lot in the film trailers and since Tom Holland is wearing Spider-Man’s home made outfit and not Iron Man’s Spidey suit, we can easily say he will try and go solo to take the VULTURE down.

Tom Holland Spider Man homecoming

We will see SPIDER-MAN fighting his own battle in SPIDER-MAN Homecoming and it will play a major role in setting up the Spider-Man franchise once more. Jon Watts made it clear in an interview that he has been inspired by the work of John Hughes in the making of this film. This will be a big change from Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy and Marc Webb’s Amazing Spider-Man series as we will see a teenage Peter dealing with his adolescence and battling someone as menacing as the vulture.

Spider-Man: Homecoming will hit the silver screen on 7 July 2017. Get ready for some SPIDY WEBS!

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