Falcon and Winter Soldier Ending Explained, How it Sets Up Season 2

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The Falcon and The Winter Soldier has finally concluded with an epic bang. The show had a lot of loose threads left to tie. But after watching the finale, it could be said that this was done on purpose. The show tied a few while left the others dangling. In just six episodes, it has managed to have a serious impact on the future of the MCU. The reason why I say that is because Marvel anyway has ample projects coming up. With The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, they only get amplified.

Episode 6, “One World, One People” is the title and the slogan of the Flag-Smashers. The episode perfectly delivers on it too. After all, we finally got to hear the epic speech of Sam Wilson after he becomes Captain America. Courtesy to Wakanda and Bucky’s eligibility to ask a favor, Sam got an impeccable new Captain America suit specially crafted for him. The finale focuses on an entire spectrum of emotions and conspiracies.


We finally got to see Bucky, Sam as the new Captain America, and Walker handling the Flag-Smashers as they took over the GRC Voting Committee. Karli was unhinged when it came to murdering more people for her cause. Fortunately, our team of heroes did not let that happen. Walker made a rather outstanding comeback. He did not even flinch when Karli kicked him. If we talk about character development for a moment, then Karli somehow managed to have a connection with Sam and Bucky. She could have reasoned with them.

Apart from all this, someone else manages to make a mark in the finale. I’m talking about Sharon Carter. Our prediction of her being the Power-Broker eventually came true. This was revealed in a serious confrontation between her and Karli. It was explained that she had betrayed the Power-Broker back in Madripoor. In the final moments of this scene, it was explained that Sharon hired Batroc to spy on her. But then again, she decided to kill Karli when she was about to shoot Falcon.

We have something bigger lurking in the dark, and it is Valentina. She appears after all the drama, alongside Walker’s wife. They’re apparently waiting for Walker to dress up and show himself. When he walks out, he is in the outfit of another Marvel character, and it is established firmly that he is the U.S. Agent. Valentina could be very smoothly introducing Leviathan, and my theory is that the U.S Agent is employed by the same. But that is not it. After being arrested, a group of Flag-Smashers is being transported to the Raft. As soon as they move, their truck gets exploded. It is at this moment when we get to see Oeznik, Baron Zemo’s Russian ally. Valentina is instantly informed of this happening and she says, “Well, looks like Baron gets the last laugh.”

Zemo was seen smiling in his cell at the Raft after hearing the news of the Flag-Smashers. It is established that Baron has Russian ties. Valentina having the knowledge of his whereabouts and situation only allows us to think that they are working with each other. Marvel comics tell us that Baron Zemo becomes a part of the Thunderbolts. It is a new team of supervillains masquerading as reformed heroes.

With Walker now working closely with Valentina, we can think that all this will be connected perfectly somewhere down the line. It all depends on where the Marvel Cinematic Universe goes from here. She could be seen working with Thaddeus Ross to set up the Thunderbolts. After all, she is supposed to appear in the upcoming Black Widow movie, and so is Secretary Ross. But it might be hard to keep Zemo and the US Agent on the same team. So, maybe Valentina could be connected with Leviathan. Through that, Marvel could finally introduce the Dark Avengers with US Agent.

On a lighter note, Bucky has finally redeemed himself. In my opinion, Bucky’s character development is easily the best. His journey from being a lethal killing machine as a HYDRA Agent, to explaining the consequence of war to Karli, shows that has totally evolved. He adheres to the rules of his therapy and confesses his darkest sins. Bucky has now moved on to lead a better life. He even gifts Steve’s diary to his therapist to conclude their sessions once and for all. The diary had all the names cut out that he had wronged as the Winter Soldier.

I think that now there are three places where he could return. We will see Bucky rock his entourage as the White Wolf now. He could have a cameo in Black Panther 2 while Sam probably shows up in Armor Wars for a while. But together, they’d definitely get a second season called “Captain America and the Winter Soldier.” And along with them, we might even see the likes of Joaquin Torres becoming the new Falcon.

Now coming back to Sharon Carter. Just like any other Marvel project, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier also had a post-credit scene. It revealed that Sam lived up to his promise of getting Sharon a full pardon from the government. She is not a fugitive anymore. But Sam is not aware of her true identity. Now, she has got her position back in the CIA. The Power-Broker has finally infiltrated the CIA and government. In the post-credit scene, we can see her talking to someone on a call while she says, “Super Soldiers might be off the menu, but we’re going to have full access to government secrets, Prototype Weapons, you name it.” This could be the plot for season 2, which will be retitled as Captain America and The Winter Soldier.

Sharon acts as the Power-Broker wreaking havoc all over, while Sam and Bucky figure out the truth about her. They’d probably have to deal with major threats, thanks to Sharon’s dealings as the Power Broker. It will be interesting to see how Sharon’s secret identity will be brought to the surface.  

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