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Why Batman Might Die in The Flash? (Affleck’s Batman!!)

DC FanDome had various moments for the fans that proved why it has always been worth the hype. We got to see the trailers and teasers and even sneak peeks for various projects that fans didn’t even expect to get. The projects that we got to see were still under production and yet they gave something to us. And now we certainly can’t stop being hyped for these projects. There is not much idea if some of these projects will still be sticking to the DCEU but they definitely won’t be showing hints at Snyder’s plans. We got to see a sneak peek into The Flash which is still under production. The trailer for The Flash teased the death of Batfleck, and it seems fitting to the storyline the movie will follow. So, here’s why Batman might die in The Flash!!

The Flash

The Flash will be based on the Flashpoint Paradox narrative from the comics. This is the very narrative that introduced us to the multiverse that exists in the DC comics. The presence of both Michael Keaton’s and Ben Affleck’s Batman clearly indicates that the multiverse will also be present in this comic book adaptation. It would be rather exciting to see how these narratives are explored. The sneak peeks into the movie already has given us a lot to be excited about with this project. We are lucky enough to get to see the true potential of Flash after it was given a hint at in Zack Snyder’s Justice League.


An essential moment from this sneak peek showed the death of Ben Affleck’s Batman and it seems to be a possible farewell for the character in the DCEU. The character of Batman has died numerous times in the comics, and this was most famously seen during his fight against Darkseid during Final Crisis. The character had a somewhat similar fate in the Justice League sequels with Batman sacrificing himself to save Lois Lane from being killed by Darkseid. This was what would have kept Superman from succumbing to the Anti-Life Equation. Even though DCEU has moved away from Snyder’s vision, but the fate of Batman seems to be kinda similar. The sacrifice in The Flash could be the ultimate sacrifice Batman makes in order to help Barry Allen save the multiverse.


Death Of Batman

The death of Batman could play a major role in motivating Flash to travel the multiverse as the latter was recruited for the Justice League by Batman himself. He played an essential figure in mentoring Barry during his very fight in Zack Snyder’s Justice League. The absence of this figure will definitely play a massive role in motivating Barry to do his deed. 


We will probably get to see Barry reunite with his dead mother similar to the original Flashpoint storyline. He puts his own reality in order to undo her death. This time his motivation could come from a tragedy that takes the lives of the DCEU’s most essential heroes. This could be the very reason that Superman won’t also be present in the future Warner Bros. projects. And this would also justify the move to replace Superman with Sasha Calle’s Supergirl. The latter also makes an appearance in the sneak peek of The Flash.


Why Batman Might Die

We have no idea regarding the main villain of The Flash or some other details of the movie that could hint at the possible villain. It’s quite clear that this character who will face off against Barry will also be the reason behind the death of Batman and also the end of his timeline. There is a major chance that this could be a proper sendoff to the character of Batfleck. It would mean the end of an entire era of DC films as he was the essential figure responsible for the narratives for bringing them together. We will probably witness a proper end of Batman through this narrative only.

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