10 Major Flops That Cost A Lot Of Money

Hollywood is a petri dish for new ideas when it comes to movie-making, many of these end up generating huge revenue at the Box office but some completely bomb. It is not easy to look at a movie and realize that all the time and effort that went into the production could barely satisfy the cost when it came the time to generate revenue. It is disheartening for both fans and for movie makers when movies deliver way less than what was expected of them. Not only does this end up in an economic disaster, it also serves to demotivate the movie makers and the producers from investing in such products in the long run. Here is a list of 10 movies that completely bombed at the box office:-

Gemini Man

This Will Smith starrer cost Hollywood $138 million. It had the star power of will smith and the technical edge of de-aging technology but it seems that something about the computer-generated images (CGI) was off and people were more disoriented by a young will smith than anything else. It was expected that this movie would rock the box office but ended up costing the producers a lot of money.

The Call of the wild

This Harrison ford starrer was a movie set 1000 years ago. It is about a man and his dog and their relationship in this ancient world. No one expected that the movie would cost much but it had a budget of 150 million dollars, which is quite high for a simple adventure movie. The performance of this movie has been less than adequate, however, with the studio expecting to loose anywhere between $50 million to $100 million.

Evan Almighty

When Steve Carell was announced as the lead to the sequel of Bruce Almighty everyone expected a movie so full of hilarity that it would blow our little minds. The movie cost $175 million to produce. The budget is justified when you watch the movie as it involved several computer generated effects and had a lot of crowd scenes and also included high level actors like Morgan Freeman. But at the end of the day the box office performance of this comedy was way below expectations and ended up costing the studio more than what they bargained for.

The Mummy

the mummy

The Mummy series has been hugely successful, it spawned various movies even after the original movie and even ended up birthing an animated series. The movie had some complicated computer-generated effects and was to be set in universal’s “dark universe”. The cost of production was about $198 million but at the end of the day, the franchise racked up a huge financial deficit and was abandoned by the studio.

The Lone Ranger

Not many know that the lone ranger was a movie adapted from a comic premise. It was supposed to be a light hearted adventure but ended up being a full-fledged spiritual journey of a ranger being incarnated and Johnny Depp being our shaman in the journey. Although the movie had a strong script, it ended up costing a lot more than expected, about $215 million, while it could only generate about $175 million.

Justice League

Warner Brothers made huge money with Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, so it seemed sensible for them to double down when it came to invest in reshoots of Justice League. The movie ended up costing $300 million in production and it was expected to recoup all of it during the first week. But the kind of critical response that it received from fans coupled with some creative blunders ended up making the studio lose a lot of money even after the gross earnings reached an all-time high.

Terminator Salvation, Genisys & Dark Fate

Facts About The Terminator
Facts About The Terminator

The first three Terminator movies were critical hits. They are cult classics that have spawned an entire franchise but the next three movies cost about $540 million to produce which they have failed to recoup as on date. It is quite ironic that the last nail in the coffin of the terminator series was titled “ dark fate”

King Arthur: Legend of the sword

This movie is another example of a studio trying to capitalise on the fantasy genre without completely understanding the fandom or being faithful to the source material. Although King Arthur was a movie with a sound script and was completed within $175 million. The movie still failed to capture audiences and was unable to make back the production cost.

47 Ronin

Studios believe that if they hire a face with a wide appeal like Keanu reeves and put him in a violent situation they can automatically create a hit. However, fans are acutely aware of just how unrealistic this is. 47 Ronin cost $175 million but failed to make even $150 million on the box office.


dolittle full movie in hindi download 480p

The reboot of the Dolittle series came to us with all the power of modern-day CGI and the star power of Robert Downey Jr. himself. Shifting from using animals to using CGI ended up costing the studio a pretty penny as the total budget exceeded $175 million for a family-friendly comedy. But the movie completely tanked at the box office.

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