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The Origins and Powers of Aquaman 2 Villain Karshon Explained

One movie that worked unexpectedly well was none other than 2018’s Aquaman. The stunning visuals combined with a stellar performance from Jason Momoa set the stage for the best standalone movie in DCEU. Aquaman was unique because it did not adhere to the classic superhero formula and because the villain was correct in his claim, to a degree. Today, we have brought you information on Aquaman 2 villain Karshon. We’ve already got to see one funny stud boy shark in the DCEU. Now after King Shark, Karshon will take things forward. Let’s talk about his powers and origins.

The DCEU is one of the most controversial cinematic universes out there. The franchise saw a rise in popularity with the first two movies but it has stagnated since then. It seems that the studio is putting their trust in the one thing that worked out of their roster I.e. Aquaman. Perhaps the writers want to create more tension than Justice League so for Aquaman 2 we have a villain that has never been on screen before.


Karshon aka the Shark was a lowly tiger shark who was exposed to incredible amounts of nuclear radiation that transformed the animal into an evolved predator. The radiation forced thousands of years of mutation and evolution to occur in seconds. This resulted in the birth of a vicious creature. The Tiger Shark took a humanoid shape and used its telepathy and vast intellect to acquire knowledge from its surroundings. This creates Karshon, the villain of Aquaman and the lost kingdom.


Aquaman 2 Villain Karshon

Aquaman 2 villain Karshon is very capable but his comic origins are very complicated. Primarily because the character is completely different in New Earth or Pre-New 52 continuity. The New 52 and later versions of the character are merely echoes of what the original menace was like. In the old era, Karshon had the power of matter manipulation and fear projection. This made it a terrible foe to oppose.


Aquaman 2 villain Karshon

The shark always he amazing physical attributes. His control over the mental frontier almost made him impossible to beat. Tag onto this the fact that his intellect was almost unmatched by his foes and you have recipe for disaster. The character was written as a warning. For showing that things like pollution and radiation have consequences. But he soon became a villain who used fear to his advantage. The power of fear projection is q strong tool in The Shark’s arsenal. One that he used to fight Green Lantern often.

There were several instances in the comics when Karshon was turned back into his tiger shark form and he came back almost every time. Well, except the last one, because she was killed during that transformation. Regardless the character has been shown to amass power to grow to inhuman size. He once dwarfed a small island when he accumulated power of fear. The shark has also succeeded in defeating Green Lantern several times. Once by trapping the hero in a yellow room.


Marsh on – Current Powers and Origins

Aquaman 2 villain Karshon

The New 52 and later versions of The Shark are much simpler than the original character. The new Shark is just a humanoid with superior strength and reflexes. He possesses telepathy but does not have the power of fear projection. Neither does this version have any matter manipulation powers. This makes the new shark rather lackluster and a very generic villain. We don’t expect Aquaman 2 to feature a generic villain. That will be no fun and would upset the fandom.


It would be much more prudent to use the old version of the character. Seeing as Indya Moore is the one playing the villain in the movie, we can expect an unconventional soon on the same. I wonder if the character will be even more focused on using mental powers now. Maybe Indya will be buffed up with CGI to battle Aquaman. We are just speculating but we cannot wait to find out what happens in Aquaman 2. The power of fear projection and telepathy might be too much for the king of Atlantis to handle.


What can Arthur do against such a foe? We can only wait to find out. What do you think of our analysis? Does it make sense? Or is it just too far-fetched? Maybe it is too complicated? Does it seem rather vague? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood. Excelsior!!

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