The Matrix Resurrections: Neo is in Hell, Not In The Matrix

The new trailer for The Matrix Resurrections blew us out of the water completely. We never thought that we would get much information from a single trailer. Not to mention the attention to detail about the old movies, and also some of the greatest moments in the franchise (looks at a young Morpheus being blown away by Neo). But there is something strange about the trailer. There is something off, we cannot shake the feeling that something is wrong. In fact, we think that Neo is in Hell and not In The Matrix.

This theory is quite elaborate and relies on a lot of cues from the trailer. It also relies on the general consensus of the fandom and things that have happened in previous movies. So if you don’t want any spoilers, the time to turn back is now. Well, the theory goes that the attic we are seeing in the trailer is not The Matrix at all. In fact, it is argued that the title of the movie is misleading because Neo is still dead. The speculation suggests that Neo is dead and is being tortured in hell.


The idea may be quite surreal for a science fiction movie such as The Matrix but the franchise has done crazier stuff. Philosophical overtones have been a staple of the series and it will come as no surprise to anyone to see the concept of guilt being taken its logical extreme with the new movie. You see, a large section of the fandom believes that Neo perished at the end of Matrix: Revolutions, so his presence in the Matrix is quite absurd.


Neo is in Hell

The director has no way of resolving the matter other than resorting to a Deus ex machina. Or in this case, calling it machine out of God may be more accurate. Anyhow, we believe that Neo did die at the end of the last movie and there was no medical procedure in existence that could save the hero. So the only way he can come back is either by the process of cloning, or he doesn’t come back at all. Anything short of a logical explanation will have fans ruling with anger on online forums.


Neo is in Hell

The director knows this, and hence it will be easier for her to play into the narrative rather than trying to circumvent it. When people die their souls are transported to heaven or hell depending on their life. It is not a calculation of total sin that determines this transition but their inherent sense of guilt. If a person still feels guilty about something they are sent to hell to work through that guilt. On the other hand, if they have repented for their sins, then they are transported to heaven.


We believe that Neo was racked with guilt when Agent Smith killed him. It would make sense, right? The man was carrying the responsibility of ending eons of conflict by helping the enemy defeat a common enemy. Everything depended on the final confrontation with agent smith but Neo failed in doing his job. In fact, he failed so miserably that he could not even protect his own life, much less everyone else’s. An incident like that could plague a man’s soul for eternity.


This is Not The Real World

We argue that is exactly what is happening. The world that we are introduced to in the trailer is actually hell and not the Matrix. This would make a lot more sense than a 21st-century matrix because the machines had frozen the world to be in 1999 forever. Not only that, but it would also explain why Trinity is back and why Morpheus is young. They are projections of Neo’s mind that have manifested in his torture loop. It is a dark scenario but one that fits perfectly Into the style of Matrix’s storytelling.


The theory is most likely false because the director would never take such a bold step with religious overtones as part of the main story. But there is a small chance that we are right. If that is so, then the titular resurrection would only happen at the end of the movie. Hell, it could also be the main goal of the movie. To deal with guilt and escape from hell. This would give Neo a new battle to fight and give us one of the most profound movies ever. What do you think about this theory? Let us know your opinions in the comments.

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