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New Theory Suggests That The Riddler and Batman Are Brothers!?

The DCEU is starting to bounce back. Especially after the DC FanDome 2021, it seems like the studio has come back stronger from its struggles. WB is all queued up to resolve its continuity issues and move forward, in earnest, with the development of its cinematic universe. The most promising of the projects showcased in DC FanDome was undoubtedly The Batman. Fans were blown away by the acting prowess of Robert Pattinson who made for a very angry Batman. Even The Riddler gave us a good scare. Fans have been hard at speculation, some even suggesting that Riddler and Batman are Brothers.

To this end, Reddit user u/Away_Bat_6483 Posted a theory on r/FanTheories alleging that Riddler and Batman are Brothers. We have reproduced it down below for your perusal, take a look:


[The Batman] An idea about Batman and Riddler’s connection from FanTheories

The user presents a very interesting idea. Almost suggesting that the villain a hero connection would be more than just an ideology clash. It’s a ridiculous theory but what gives it legitimacy is the user’s reference to Batman: Hush. Hush is a comic that Matt Reeves took inspiration from, even though it has been confirmed that The Batman is not based on any one comic story. However, the Reddit user is wrong in his assessment because of two reasons.


One, Thomas Elliot is not Bruce Wayne’s brother, just a long lost childhood friend. Two, the comic storyline that does being forward an old brother of Bruce is actually New 52’s court of owls storyline. So stick with us as we embark upon an in-depth analysis of this theory and highlight the important parts for you. For there is a very solid chance that Riddler and Batman may be Brothers.


Riddler and Batman are Brothers

Now that we have pointed out the mistakes in the theory, let’s talk about the interesting bits. The first is that The Riddler’s costume is similar to Hush. We think this to be true but we also believe that the costume is reminiscent of the Talons from the court of owls storyline. This means that the court of owls may have more role to play in the first film than the filmmakers have let on. Moreover, there is a scene in the new trailer which has Bruce overlooking a chart on the ground.


This chart has the sentence “The Sins of My Father” written in it. The Redditor also points to this charge but identifies the intent. The line is a reference to the warning received from the court of owls. They tell Bruce in the movie that his father, Thomas Wayne, was also involved with the court’s shady activities. Hence “The Sins of My Father”. Batman is trying to figure out the connection between the court and the Riddler so that he can put a stop to their nefarious schemes.


But the idea that Riddler and Batman may be Brothers has some merit. In the court of owls storyline in New 52, the first Talon that Bruce encounters is his long lost brother, calling himself Thomas Wayne Jr. The comic panel of the final confrontation is truly beautiful and is worthy of adaptation into live-action. However, this is the most interesting part. Thomas Wayne Jr. Is first introduced by a different name and it is possible that Matt Reeves may have adopted this twist for The Batman’s Riddler


The Consequences

If that is truly the case then we might be in for a wilder ride than we had previously anticipated. The implication of a blood relation makes any Batman story go off the rails. Each time Batman’s family is brought into the mix, the sales suddenly reach sky high along with the popularity of the story. Although, if the studio was going that route then they would have marketed this fact beforehand. Riddler and Batman may be bros is too good a headline to ignore.


Image credits: The Direct
Image credits: The Direct

And honestly, DC needs all the help it can get. What do you think about our theory and analysis? Does it make sense or is it too vague? Do you think it can be true or are shooting arrows in the darkness? We think it won’t materialize but is worthy of speculation. Perhaps we missed something? Let us know in the comments below and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood. Excelsior!!!

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