New Report Suggests When Nova and Fantastic Four Could Arrive

The Marvel Cinematic Universe and Disney recently overhauled their release schedule for various movies. This makes sense since the most pandemic scenario is very different from the time when these movies were actually scheduled. Moreover, we cannot be certain as to which movie is going to be released in which order because a lot of projects have been announced by marvel but not given a concrete date. The studio might be trying to avoid spoilers by revealing their chronology but a new report suggests when Nova and Fantastic Four could arrive in the theatres.

KC “The Witch Hunter” Walsh went on Twitter to inform the populace about the production schedule of Fantastic Four and Nova. This man has previously been associated with other leaks as well and his information is usually considered reliable. But the thing is he was not aware of the release schedule delays. So the question remains whether this information is valid after the news of the delays. But if we assume that it is, we can draw some logical conclusions as to which movies could fill the “untitled movies” slot in the above picture.


Join us as we try to decipher the secrets that Marvel is trying so hard to keep from us. Let’s start with what we know. Marvel has announced the following movies with no concrete release schedule: Nova, Fantastic Four, Blade, Captain America 4, and Deadpool 3. The first of these to be announced was Blade back in 2019. This means that Blade will probably be the one to take the earliest slot available as it will be the farthest along in the production process as of now. Hence the November 3, 2023 slot will most likely be filled by Blade.


When Nova and Fantastic Four Could Arrive?

This leaves four announced movies with no release dates and four slots that are still unfilled in 2024. If the above tweet is to be relied on then this will mean that Nova and Fantastic Four would be eyeing a 2024 release slot. It is standard practice for Studios to start the production process a year before the release date. Hence it will make sense that Marvel will fill these dates with pre-announced projects.


Moreover, Fantastic Four and Deadpool 3 may also release around the same time for the simple reason that Marvel likes to do B-stories. Deadpool is too ludicrous a property to leave by the wayside.

It has already been confirmed that Deadpool 3 script is in the works with writers Wendy Molyneux and Lizzie Molyneux-Logelin. so it is more than likely that the Merc with a mouth will be given the Feb 12, 2024 slot for release.

Similarly, all the big team-up movies in Marvel are usually released in May, so it is highly likely that Fantastic Four will release on May 3, 2024.


This leaves the July and November slot and Captain America 4 and Nova without a release date. We believe that Captain America’s story will be an end to his saga or probably the story of him returning the stones. Both of which are resolutions to prior conflict. So it may act as a good buffer for the main act. This means that the July 26, 2024 release date would be ascribed to Captain America 4, and Nova will get the Nov 8, 2024 slot. It would help Nova stand apart from the rest of the movies and let it kick off a new era.


The Future of The MCU

Of course, all of this is purely conjecture at this point. But we would like to call this an educated guess. Considering the news of the start date of the production of these two movies and the current delays in Marvel production, it is more than likely that our predicated schedule will be the one adopted by Marvel. This is the schedule that makes the most sense with the current information we have, and it also makes us think that Marvel may soon make an announcement about its Phase V lineup. We are very excited about the future, how about you?


Do you think that our predictions for the schedule are correct? Let us know.

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