Everything We Know About Bond 26 Until Now

No Time To Die was a wild ride. The hype of Bond just keeps going up with every movie. However, the sad part is that this is the last time we will see Daniel Craig play Bond. No Time To Die brings an end to 15 years of Craig Bond. As soon as the movie has been released, the fandom is speculating about the next Bond. They have a long list of possible candidates and some story predictions. So Here is Everything We Know About Bond 26 Including cast predictions, possible story details, and returning cast.

Some of the actors in the franchise have been continuing their roles for quite some time, including Craig. But the lead man is sure to be replaced. This was the last Bond movie Craig would ever dom he’s been clear about that. People have betting about who will play the next Bond but they have forgotten about the rest of the cast. The supporting characters are the true heroes of the Bond films, and you will be glad to know that most of them have expressed interest in returning.


The real question is why are we speculating about the next movie when this one is still playing in theatres. The answer is simple, the movie ended with the words “James Bond Will Return” signifying that the studio has plans to make Bond 26. This raises more questions, especially that the leading man has taken his leave from the franchise. Who will play Bond? Will this be a soft reboot for the franchise? What will be the premise this time? Will it be a re-adaptation of a novel or a new story altogether?


Everything We Know About Bond 26

The first question we will attempt to answer is “Who Will Play Bond?”. We have several candidates for the position of 007. The first one is the female 007 who took Bond’s place. Many have argued that she will be the one to headline the series. To these people, we say, the text at the end read ‘James Bond Will Return’, not ‘007 will return’. This means that it is highly likely that the Bond we get is male, James, as it were.


Bond is suave and sophisticated. He has charm and he is handsome. The spy is also incredibly skilled in every facet of espionage. Not every actor has the requisite skillset to play the character. So we have compiled a list of people who fit the bill. We think that the competition will be between Cillian Murphy, Richard Madden, Tom Hiddleston, Jamie Bell, & Clive Standen. All of these actors have the looks of a killer and the skillset of a super spy.


Henry Cavill obviously would have been a great Bond, but he already has the Witcher and Argylle (a Spy franchise) with him. So even though he may not return as Superman, these two big franchises won’t allow him to be a part of a third one. A lot of fans also believe that Tom Hardy will be the one to take up the role in the next film. But he is too old for the role, and the studio might be in need of a rather young actor who can carry the role for the next decade or so. The truth is that it is likely that Richard Madden will succeed the title of Bond, or so we think. The actor certainly had the charm needed to play the character. Not to mention his experience with action and stunts (as he plays Ikaris in MCU). The actor will be an invaluable addition to the franchise.


Bond 26: Returning Cast

Lashana Lynch could continue as 007 if the franchise gives us a sequel to No Time To Die. But, the role may also be passed onto someone else. Someone British and action-oriented. Tom Hiddleston comes to mind. Won’t it be awesome to see Loki take up such a role? It may be a little hard to envision but we all know that Tom has what it takes to be our next Bond. Whoever the next Bond be we can be sure that there will be a Bond 26, and it will be awesome.


Some of the cast of the current movie have expressed interest in reprising their roles for a sequel/soft reboot. Notably, Ben Whishaw and Ralph Fiennes who plays M have expressed interest in coming back for Bond 26. This is everything we know about Bond 26.

Who would you like to see as the new James Bond? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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