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8 Reasons Why The Best Superhero Character of Tom Hardy Is Venom (Not Bane)

Tom Hardy has been able to establish himself as a fine actor in Hollywood by working with some of the best directors and franchises. This has enabled him to acquire quite a massive fan following at the same time. He is well known for having the ability to transform himself completely for the roles that he gets. Tom Hardy has played some quite popular characters from both the comic book worlds. He played Bane in the final film of Christopher Nolan’s trilogy, The Dark Knight Rises. The portrayal was such a success that the fans couldn’t still stop talking about it. Recently, he has been playing Venom in Sony’s Spider-Man universe. This includes two movies and while both the movies haven’t been much critical success, they have still managed to take a place in the hearts of the fans. Let’s take look at 8 reasons why the best superhero character of Tom Hardy is Venom and not Bane.

Proper Character Growth

The character of Eddie Brock has some proper development and he is given a chance to learn getting from falling very low. He realizes his mistakes and instead of giving up he still tries to do the right thing by being a vigilante. We get to see him transition from a completely arrogant reporter to a willing vigilante trying to prove himself. He is more responsible now that he has to manage Venom and prevent the carnivorous nature of the symbiote.


Two Unique Personalities 

This character allows Tom Hardy to explore two unique personalities with somehow common links in their persona. He voices the Symbiote while playing Eddie Brock and this only goes to show his range. The voicework clearly indicates a completely different personality as compared to the personality of Eddie Brock. We are well aware of his range as an actor and this performance only strengthens it.


Future Of The Character

Now that we know that the character is all set to appear opposite Tom Holland, it is only a slight hint at the massive way in which the character could be explored in the future. This leaves a lot of potential for the character and ensures that we will be getting to see the character a lot more. This only solidifies Tom Hardy’s present in some future Marvel projects, be it MCU or Sony’s Spider-Man universe.


Two Faces Of The Character

The Venom movies are executed such that we can see that it gives a chance for the character to be given a villainous touch. Considering that Eddie Brock and Venom together have been able to defeat some major threats we can be sure that this means that if the duo decides to go against the world then it will give Hardy the potential to drop his chops as a Marvel supervillain.


A New Way To Look At Venom

The movie gave us a new way to look at the character of Venom. He was majorly known as an anti-hero type of character but the movie introduced us to a much more heroic look at him. This helps us such that it becomes a much more memorable look at the character. Even the last time we got to see Venom on screen was in Spider-Man 3 and it was a super-villain.


The Bromance Between The Two Personalities

The characters of Venom and Eddie Brock share a rather interesting bromance as they both help each other out. We even got to see them have proper arguments but later they put out these and work together. They definitely seem to give the vibe that they both need each other and it only improves with each villain that they come across.


An Evolved Arc

Unlike other narratives where the hero slowly starts falling in love with another female character here, we got to see something completely different. We saw a narrative where Eddie loses the love of his life in the very opening moments of the movie and tries to make attempts at getting back at her. This is quite a mature take on the usual narratives and this only goes to separate the character from other such heroes.

Moments Of Hilarity

The Venom movies have genuine moments of hilarity. It is not easy to execute such moments as they involve a great performance and timing to nail the jokes. The movies have been able to nail the jokes sufficiently well. It only goes to show the comedic chops of Tom Hardy and how much fun he must be having in portraying the role.

So this is why the best superhero character of Tom Hardy is Venom.

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