The Most Ruthless Villains In DC- Ranked

It has been close to 80 years since DC has been publishing its comics into the public domain and the number of characters who have been introduced in the timeline is endless. DC has for long been known for its classic heroes, but of late their counterparts like Deathstroke, Lex Luthor, The Riddler, Bane, Darkseid, Brainiac, and the craziest one of them all The Joker have gained quite momentum when it comes to increased fan following. These characters have grown in popularity and seem to be on their way for a theatrical debut on the silver screen, with each of these characters being implicated in their story narrative. So, here is a list of the best worst Supervillains in the DC universe.


10. Sinestro

Most Ruthless Villains In DC

The former member of the Green Lantern Corps indicted himself into the force by directly implicating the death of its ring’s previous owner. Even while in the corps his evil intent was often witnessed through his body language. But the character truly became the evil Sinestro, once the guardians rusticated him from the green lantern corps.


9. Brainiac

Most Ruthless Villains In DC
Most Ruthless Villains In DC

The all-knowing extraterrestrial android is one of the greatest threats faced by the superman and Justice league from time to time. In many continuities in the comics, he was even believed to be the reason for the destruction of Superman’s home planet Krypton.


8. Doomsday

Hulk Defeated Doomsday

In the 1992 storyline, “The Death of Superman” it was Doomsday who drove Kal-El to the brink of extinction. The deadly and monstrous creature was supposedly genetically engineered, in the depths of prehistoric Krypton. With rarely any other emotion except for hate and anger, Doomsday has been responsible for laying siege to countless planets with lifeform, and finally when he landed on earth, He was confronted by the ‘Man of Steel’, and the rest is history.


7. Professor Zoom

Professor Eobard “Zoom” Thawne, otherwise also known as the ‘Reverse-flash” has been known to be a pain in the butt, for Barry Allen. He was responsible for killing Flash’s first love after he was defeated by the flash from wreaking havoc in the past timeline. To exact revenge, Reverse flash tried repeating his actions with Barry’s new fiancée. Fearing that history might repeat itself, Barry brought the whole vicious cycle to an end by breaking Eobard Thawne’s neck.


 6. Two-face

Once a young and promising District Attorney to Gotham City, Harvey Dent once in the courtroom met with a fateful incident, that left his left side of the face scarred for life. Recovering from this torment, Harvey went into Post-traumatic Stress disorder and developed an alternate persona called Two-face. His signature move was, that he started deciding the fate of any decision to be taken by him by flipping a coin that he had with him during the events of the incident where he lost his left side of the face.


5. Bane

Facts About Bane

The disbanded mercenary from the League of the Shadows, by Ras’Al Ghul and the apparent love interest of Ghul’s daughter. Is the same to batman, as what doomsday is to Superman, in a certain issue he was known for breaking the caped crusader’s back and putting him out of commission for a while.


 4. Deathstroke

Most Ruthless Villains In DC
Most Ruthless Villains In DC

Slade Joseph Wilson is an assassin of a completely different league altogether, and the arch enemy to the teen titans and especially Dick Grayson aka Nightwing. Deathstroke was one of the supervillains who adapted to the more current trends of the world, making him very unpredictable and dangerous at the same time.


 3. Lex Luthor

Alexander Joseph Luthor was initially a mad scientist, but since the ’80s has been represented as a power-hungry businessman out to exact revenge on Superman. In his many attempts through the decades, his goal has been to obtain a living tissue sample from the ‘Man of Steel’ and create clones for world domination.


2. Darkseid

The ruler of the planet Apokolips and the possessor of the infamous omega beams. Darkseid has been for long the greatest threat that Justice League and Superman had ever faced. Darkseid is a tyrannical ruler, who wishes to possess the Anti-life equation, with which he plans to conquer the universe by eliminating all free will and hope in intelligent races across the cosmos.


1. Joker

Most Ruthless Villains In DC
Most Ruthless Villains In DC

Probably the only supervillain after Lex Luthor who does not possess any extraordinary skill, apart from his psychotic brain and his dark sense of humor. Joker to date has been the only criminal to date, who has been able to pull one too many tricks on Batman and still lived to see another day. But, that’s what off about this character, the only way that seems logical to stop him is to kill him, and Batman to date has never gone against that code. Unless the bad guys are parademons from a completely different dimension and their master is hell-bent on conquering earth.


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