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8 Reasons Why Tom Hardy’s Portrayal of Bane is Better Than Venom

Venom is one of the most interesting characters to ever grace the pages of a comic. We are thankful to sony for making the live-action adaptation of the villain possible. Tom Hardy is truly a spectacular actor, and he has proved his mettle time and again in movies. One of the most spine-chilling moments in recent cinema was the introduction of Bane in The Dark Knight RisesBane was a scary dude, seriously scary. The antagonistic villain look suits Tom Hardy. Here are 8 Reasons why we think Hardy’s portrayal of Bane is better than Venom.

A Story is only as good as the Villain

Don’t get us wrong, Riot was a cool villain, but he doesn’t hold a candle to Bane. The monstrosity from Batman comics came hulking onto the screen and took over Batman’s city with Batman’s weapons. That takes some serious courage. Bane is better than Venom simply because he complements the story in a way that urges Batman to dig deep and be better. Bruce must defeat someone far superior to him. That is the purpose of the villain, to elevate the protagonist. Not to create the necessity of a final fight, as Riot seems to do, no matter how visually appealing the said fight is.


The Power

Bane did something that even the Joker could not accomplish. Bane is better than Venom because he defeated Batman outright. In hand-to-hand combat, no less. The Dark knight is supposed to be a master of martial arts. He should not lose to Bane and yet he does. This is the point where the story shifts gears and we realize that Batman is only alive because of Bane’s mercy. His will to cripple and torture Bruce is more like it, but you know what we mean. Venom has never accomplished something so powerful.


A Fresh Bane

Bane is Better Than Venom

The character of Bane is pretty straightforward in the comics. He is an old wrestler who created a formula called venom that enhances his muscle and strength. The character is formidable but fallible. He is also extremely intelligent, almost enough to combat Batman. But Batman wins more often than not. Yet Hardy brought us a Bane who had a purpose. Who was more human than any of us, someone who had the will to do what we could not? To embrace anarchy when we think that we should not.


The Quotes

Bane is better than Venom because he said things that meant something. He talked about stuff that mattered, things that we relate to. So no matter how crazy his plans are, people tend to find some sense in slaughter. This is quite Grimm but this is how villains work. As evidenced by r/Thanosdidnothingwrong, a subreddit. I think you can guess easily what it is about. Bane wanted to change something and his purpose was factored into the story. Unlike Venom who just wants to survive. What Bane says, we quote.


Bane is better than Venom

Although we enjoy the portrayal of Venom we still think Bane is better than Venom because of how Hardy plays him. The character is brought down to the level of humans and true strength is showcased. The Venom in his veins is replaced by Morphine to keep the pain away and all Batman could do to defeat him to break the supply of Morphine. The pain that defeats him is his own. There is nothing that Batman can do that will change this. That is a powerful statement made by the character. Venom does not even come near doing something like this.


Comic Accurate Attitude

Bane is Better Than Venom


Even if the origin of the character is a little modified, Hardy sticks to the comics when it comes to portraying the villain. Bane is the same menacing figure he Is in the comics. He challenges everyone and bows to no one. His power is absolute and so is his confidence in his power. That is what makes him so sure about his plan. Something that he achieves. The only reason for his failure is him underestimating Batman.


Its A True Dystopia

Facts About Bane

Bane’s Gotham City gives us nightmares. It’s everything we have ever feared. It is the height of political disturbance and unrest. A police state enforced by terrorists is a constant fear that almost everyone has contemplated at one point or the other. When we get to see it played out on screen, it gets a little unnerving at some point. Hardy’s scary demeanor only furthers the fear.


This is Bane

The last time Bane was seen onscreen before Hardy’s outing was in Batman & Robin. That movie portrayed bane as a mindless brute. This was extremely offensive to fans as the comic Bane is highly intelligent. He considers Bruce Wayne an intellectual equal. Bane is better than Venom because he broke Batman’s back in the Knightfall storyline.  Venom has seldom been capable of such feats.

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